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K4tn1ss April 11th, 2016 3:18am

What do you do if you have 100 polls? I'm nowhere near that. Just asking.

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susanr Colorado
04/10/16 8:43 pm

Nothing in particular, or whatever you want. Some users started doing an AMA (an "Ask Me Anything" session) when they hit a specific milestone like 100 followers or 100 polls (or multiples thereof, of just... whenever), and some others followed suit. Not everyone does it, and no one should feel compelled to do *anything.*

Some users try to do a bit of a twist on it, in various ways. Search polls by AMA but put a space before the "AMA" and a space afterward. (Otherwise you'll pull up every word that contains the string "ama," including every instance of "Obama"...) Scroll through them & you'll see some of them different things users have done with it, interspersed with the plain AMA polls.

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 8:50 pm

Whatever you do, have fun with it.