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IEatzCookies Alderaan
02/02/17 9:05 pm

I'm ambidextrous meaning I can use both

04/10/16 12:15 pm

It's probably easier but I wouldn't know. I'm left handed and I adapted to things being set up for right handed people at a very young age. I do almost everything other than write with my right hand.

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 11:01 am

Being left handed, I know there are some annoyances, but I can't say it's been a major issue in my life. Once can have that "What, don't I exist?" feeling occasionally when tools and some other elements of daily use are designed for the right handed, as if 10% of the population can just STFU and learn to cope, though. Gives one a glimpse of (and maybe a better perspective on) what other kinds of minorities have to deal with, that may matter a lot more.

04/10/16 12:17 pm

I can't draw on a computer at all because I use the mouse with my right hand but I am left handed.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/10/16 12:21 pm

Tiera, why can't you move the mouse?

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 12:29 pm

I'm the same way with a mouse, and now with a trackpad.

I learned to use a computer with a mouse by using someone else's computer. (I was night manager of the science building at my college; the secretary encouraged me to use her Mac SE.) I didn't even realize you *could* move the mouse, so I just got used to manipulating it with my right (non dominant) hand.

When I got my own computer and realized I could switch the mouse to the left side, I tried it, but it was just... awkward. I could not relearn. And now with a trackpad that I can place anywhere, I *still* have to use my right hand.

04/10/16 4:09 pm

KAnne. I have the same issue Susan did. I learned right handed and it felt weird to try with my left. I couldn't make the adjustment work. I can't draw well anyway, but it's nearly impossible with my right hand. That's ok, I get by. :)

04/10/16 10:44 am

Either is fine. Lefties just have a few annoyances to deal with at times (like tools built for the right hand, etc.)

gow488 Korea
04/10/16 10:42 am

Yes. Many everyday things are designed for right handed people so life is simpler if your right handed.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/10/16 10:38 am

I had a young patient who was showing left handed dominance and the mom told me she's trying to teach her to use her right hand. I didn't want to argue so I didn't know what to say but I wanted to ask WHY? Why is left handedness considered unacceptable to some?

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 11:05 am

At least our culture in general has stopped doing things like smacking young students' left hands if they try to use them for writing, and stopped *insisting* that lefties become right handed. I thought my generation (born 1946) was the last to suffer that nonsense, and I escaped it entirely, at home and in school. But I've heard from others born 10-20 years later who were forced to change.

You'd think it would really mess something up in our brains, to make us do that.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/10/16 12:23 pm

I just can't imagine the frustration and possibly shame put upon those kids.

JennaB Mother
04/10/16 10:36 am

Wouldn't know. I'm right handed