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pauldabb85 April 10th, 2016 3:09pm

Help me settle a debate with a friend of mine. If a man who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic had very dark skin, would you say he was a Hispanic man or a black man?

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Preox Earth
04/10/16 8:48 pm

He would have been black if he was born in Africa.

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
04/10/16 1:35 pm

Depends. Has he shot anyone in self defense?

04/10/16 11:30 am

hmm well I know many Dominicans with whiter skin than myself, what what they be considered?

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 11:11 am

Both. But it doesn't seem to be as simple as saying that "Hispanic" isn't a race but an ethnicity - at least not to everyone. We can define it one way or another (and federally we've defined it as an ethnicity, not a race), but apparently large portions of people who *are* Hispanic may feel differently that other large portions of Hispanics. It seems foolish to just discount large numbers of people and claim, "You're just wrong..." about what you feel about yourself, doesn't it?

Does this help?:

Rosebud Ohio
04/10/16 10:54 am

Both. Hispanic is something separate from black/white/asian ect. My kids are Asian and white, but also Hispanic for example. They're Mexican too, but it's not considered a race just ethnicity.

04/10/16 8:30 am

His race would be black/ "African" and his nationality would be Dominican. The only thing "Hispanic" would be his language unless he was mixed nationality or not dark.