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CrazDab Florida
08/03/17 4:15 pm

I think I killed those flowers I just walked past.

BaddestSalmon South
05/27/16 9:54 am

I don't always look good but I'd rather look like me then anyone else.

xxxceo Nationalist
04/30/16 4:13 pm

I can do the pretty boy thing or the 5 o'clock shadow bad ass thing. I'm in good shape. And my hair, don't get me started about my hair. I'm hawt

twss trump is a garbage human
04/16/16 6:46 pm

Right now, I'm not happy with the way I look. I stopped taking some prescription meds this past December and have experienced some unexpected weight gain (like 10 pounds). I've gone thru the typical pissed at my body and pissed at genetics for failing me stuff, but now I have to fix it. So that's what I'm doing.

BaddestSalmon South
05/27/16 9:56 am

Don't eat any sugar or simple carbs and get good sleep then go from there. You'll get a lot less pissed off from what I've experienced

twss trump is a garbage human
06/06/16 12:37 pm

Did I get pissed off at you? Or dos you mean that another way?

Annabelle41 Michigan
04/11/16 9:09 pm

At almost 58 I'm not too bad looking and better than most my age I suppose. I always watch my weight and always dress up and very seldom dressdown. There are some things that I could change but it's not worth the money.

logicalphallus Minnesota
04/11/16 6:47 pm

I'm tall and possibly slightly underweight. I've thought about cutting my long hair, as people tell me I should get rid of it more often than they tell me they like it. I don't think I'm ugly, and that's a pretty good start.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
04/11/16 10:01 am

I could stand to lose weight, and my skin is droopy.

firefly5 the verse
04/11/16 7:36 am

I'm a decent looking guy, and I'm in pretty good shape. No complaints.

jc559 Massachusetts
04/11/16 7:27 am

I'd take a few more inches vertically but I'm happy otherwise

noneoftheabove South Mitten
04/10/16 6:55 pm

I'm 50. The muscular chest I had 25 years ago was overcome by gravity. And my knees sound like a particular breakfast cereal. Old age sucks!

RINOTom Peoria, IL
04/10/16 6:48 pm

More or less! Could be worse, LOL.

Emily33 North Carolina
04/10/16 6:35 pm

I feel more comfortable with it now, than I ever have before.

xx116xx Christian. Unashamed.
04/10/16 4:43 pm

I look terrible and could change that if I want but I'm too lazy.

suemac Mountains of Southern CA
04/10/16 3:12 pm

I'm neither a yes or no satisfied with my looks. Somewhere in-between.

Korosensei Maine
04/10/16 2:11 pm

On the whole yes it could improve but it's a nice face and body

shadowedone92 Proletariat Libertarian
04/10/16 2:05 pm

I could stand to lose about 10 pounds, and I've got lots more tattoos planned, so nope, not satisfied yet.

valeriejo ramble on
04/10/16 2:03 pm

I'm 36 weeks pregnant so it's a struggle at the moment. None of my clothes fit and the ones that do make me feel frumpy. Makes me appreciate how good I look and feel when I'm not pregnant tho!

cyanospool The Deep North
04/10/16 1:42 pm

For the most part. But I'm pretty sure that without makeup, I'm a "butterface", haha.

cyanospool The Deep North
04/30/16 4:38 pm

"She's got a nice body, but-her-face . . ."

xxxceo Nationalist
04/30/16 4:49 pm

Brutal. You're deff not a butterface.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/10/16 1:26 pm

I don't pay much attention to my appearance. I'm more focused on capabilities. If I look out of shape but I can run/ruck march like a gazelle, I'm all good.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/10/16 12:55 pm

It took years in the gym and not eating a lot of food I wish I could eat. It's fantastic. I wish I had started lifting at 16 instead of 22 like I did. I would be able to bench 400 and squat 500 by now for sure if I had 😰 stupid lazy young me.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/10/16 1:00 pm

Muscle Dysmorphia for sure though because the day you begin lifting your forever small. Better to be obsessed with improving yourself then any other obsession I suppose.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/10/16 12:36 pm

People should not worry about that, everyone is special in their own way.

SwedishBeast Honor the roots
04/10/16 10:56 am

I'm not the best looking person according to other people but I wouldn't want to look any different.

04/10/16 10:28 am

I could stand to put on a bit if weight and bulk up a little, but I'm happy without that.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/10/16 10:34 am

You can have mine

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
04/10/16 10:15 am

I'll never be happy with my appearance.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
04/10/16 10:01 am

Oh yeah, I got incredibly lucky with my genes. I've been both incredibly ugly and incredibly attractive so I know how it feels on both ends of the spectrum.

logicalphallus Minnesota
04/11/16 6:42 pm

As a straight male, I'd say you're pretty good looking.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/10/16 10:00 am

My physical appearance has never been something I really gave much thought to. Sure, I could lose a little weight or work out sometimes or eat healthier. Truth is, though, I really don't care. I care much more about the way my character appears to other people than my body. I've spent most of my time refining that. Ultimately, people will remember who I am and how I treat them before they remember how big.

PocketNotebook Libertarians Unite
04/10/16 9:54 am

I've had anorexia before. Although I've beat my eating disorder, I still consider myself fat.

04/10/16 10:25 am

Mad props to you!! You're amazing and inspirational 💕

ShawPPM1214 Washington
04/10/16 9:27 am

Not really. I've been on a diet for a littlw while now and I can already see some changes.

CdtLJM New Jersey
04/10/16 8:12 am

I don't dislike it, but there will always be room for improvement

04/10/16 7:57 am

Pretty much happy about my appearance. I work out and appreciate the results. My neck though . . . 😜😁

hbpole FoCo
04/10/16 7:53 am

I love my body, it looks good but it's also capable of doing cool shit. Sometimes I wish my hair was longer again (it's a pixie atm) but that's a small blip that I wouldn't even count.

IG: @hbpole

cowboy Doors of Perception
04/10/16 7:42 am

I'm great looking! I love me!

04/10/16 7:01 am

Technically no, but I'm actually in the process of fixing what I'm self-conscious about.

04/11/16 6:19 am

Skin blemishes. But I'm on something that is clearing them up. I can see the difference after only one month.

04/10/16 6:58 am

No, not at all, but I'm working on that.

04/10/16 10:39 am

Trying to think more positively about myself. Recognizing that my weight and appearance don't determine my worth.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/10/16 10:42 am

So psychological stuff not physical stuff? Makes sense

04/10/16 10:46 am

Yes. It's not that there aren't things I want to change, but I could be the epitome of beauty and still be dissatisfied, so it's better for me to learn some self-acceptance.

04/10/16 5:08 pm

I think a lot of us struggle with negative self talk. It can be hard to stay positive.

biker4life Arizona
04/10/16 6:56 am

Sure, I suppose so. Haven't really given it much thought.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
04/10/16 6:55 am

Happy in the same sense guys will look at there shit in the toilet and have a sense of pride for an enormous turd.

Kay41 the Midwest
04/10/16 6:48 am

I'd say content instead. Meaning, I'm happy with my figure as I work out to keep it. The rest of me, I recognize that I am an average looking woman and I accept and love myself without needing to be gorgeous.