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Romzy April 10th, 2016 11:27am

Do you think income tax should be abolished?

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GoFlo Peace Through Strength
04/10/16 7:55 pm

Abolish it and stop the thievery!

04/10/16 8:38 am

It depends on if we're ever going to get our money's worth from it with health, education, infrastructure, economy, and peace. If not, then why the fuck do we even bother?

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/10/16 5:22 am

They tax you when you earn it.
They tax you when you spend it.
They tax you when you save it.
They tax you when you invest it.
They tax you again when you die.
They tax your property every year
And every year, they want more.
Where does it end?

10o5t126 ...
04/10/16 5:17 am

It should be replaced with a graded consumption tax.

goldz oh this world
04/10/16 6:46 am

So that people will consume less?

10o5t126 ...
04/10/16 10:12 am

It simply places more control in the citizen's hands. I have no control right now over how much is taken from me because my income is taxed at a certain rate.
However, if income tax is eliminated and I am taxed on what I buy (sales tax), then I control my taxes by controlling my spending.
A graded consumption (sales) tax means the lowest rate is placed on the most essential items (food, toiletries, etc.), the highest rate is applied to the least essential items (those things that are categorized as "luxury" items).
It wouldn't be a perfect system, but I think it would be better than income tax overall.
Just my .02

goldz oh this world
04/10/16 10:15 am

Except that this way, if you control your taxes, that means spending less. That would create less jobs and less goods.

Romzy sic semper tyrannus
04/10/16 1:11 pm

I fail to see how this causes those consequences. People will always consume no matter what.

GlockMan1 Alabama
04/10/16 5:04 am

NOPE. Just reduced.