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PrinceOberyn April 10th, 2016 2:57am

California is now allowing people to get birth control without a prescription. Good move?

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mojorisin Missouri
04/09/16 11:40 pm

I am in no way against birth control, but shouldn't a doctor give a person a check up first, just to be sure?

cyanospool The Deep North
04/10/16 12:11 am

That could be argued about a lot of over the counter medicine already available. I think a lot of things (otc included) should be consulted by a doctor, but prescriptions are more for specific health situations, not every day common treatments people use like allergy releif, aspirin, or birth control.

mojorisin Missouri
04/10/16 12:17 am

You may be right, but I don't think you can compare birth control with Tylenol.

mojorisin Missouri
04/10/16 12:25 am

I just think it's much more unhealthy for a women to take an oral contraceptive than an occasional pain reliever. There are many cancer risks associated with it also. Like I said before I'm very pro birth control I just think it's completely different than a Tylenol, but I'm no doctor. I wouldn't want my wife or daughter taking it without seeing a doctor first.

cyanospool The Deep North
04/10/16 1:06 am

There are serious risks associated with plenty of OTC drugs, that's not really the issue. I think consulting a doctor before taking anything is always one's best bet, but requiring a presciption is a completely different matter. And in my opinion, bc and Tylenol are both used in ways that do not fit the uses associated with drugs requiring prescriptions.

cyanospool The Deep North
04/10/16 1:12 am

To kind of outline it a little better, generally prescription drugs are those that require dosage adjustment to an individual's condition, have a higher than usual potential for abuse, and/or have a more sensitive line between safe levels in the blood and toxic levels (and thus must be dispensed in controlled amounts per individual). Hormonal BC does not meet any of those.

mojorisin Missouri
04/10/16 8:08 am

If health issues are really a non issue, or not any greater than other over the counter drugs as you describe, than it probably is better to make it easier for people to obtain them. You explained it really well. I appreciate that.

jvberg Winter has Come
04/09/16 8:54 pm

The easier it is to get birth control the better

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/09/16 8:28 pm

You needed a prescription??? That's crazy, it's like needing a prescription to buy condoms.

04/09/16 8:01 pm

Excellent move. California may be filled with some crazy people, but it is one of the few states actually moving forward in this country, as opposed to the fucking asshole states who are attempting to denying this access. First they banned abstinence only sex-ed, and now this. I cannot wait to see the stats on this in a year or two.

I will say, however, that if there ends up being a problem with side-effects or misuse on a mass scale that it would be the imperative to put it back into prescription status.

Rosebud Ohio
04/09/16 8:20 pm

The health status is what gives me pause. It can interact with medications and is important doctors know about it. For ex I went to an urgent care today, since they pulled my records and saw my birth control I know it's not something to cause issue with the meds I was prescribed.

Honestly though I'd completely forgotten to mention it when asked about my meds, so having it on file was very beneficial.

Or hell, why I went could have been related. I actually called one of my Drs recently and they saw me same day because the issue could have been a serious birth control complication. They wouldn't have thought to check if they didn't know about it.