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dawl adulting
04/09/16 9:37 pm

White Collar

jmw7477 Indiana
04/09/16 8:35 pm

The Ranch
Hemlock Grove
Bates Motel
Blue Bloods

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
04/09/16 7:54 pm

Wentworth. It's a darker version of OITNB. Starts slow but stick with it. The end of the first season and the entire 2nd season are bonkers

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
04/09/16 7:18 pm

Fuller House
The Ranch (warning rated MA)
Gilmore Girls

singkitty In the cloud
04/10/16 5:57 am

I'm sorry but The Ranch is soo bad. The bad acting, horrific phony accents, bad writing, and a skin crawling fake laugh track made me unable to keep going after the first episode. I'm pretty disappointed in Netflix for creating it. I will agree with you about Gilmore Girls. That show was epic!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
04/10/16 6:02 am

The first episode was rough, but it got MUCH better! We watched & enjoyed the entire season in two nights!

singkitty In the cloud
04/10/16 6:11 am

I don't think it's the right show for me. Lol

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
04/10/16 6:21 am

I thought the same thing at first. 😜

singkitty In the cloud
04/09/16 7:15 pm

Orange Is The New Black, Love, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Making a Murderer, High Prophets, Master of None, and now I realize I watch too much Netflix. Lol

ronderman North Carolina
04/09/16 7:08 pm

Walking Dead, West Wing (best show in history), the 100, Marco Polo, Daredevil

ronderman North Carolina
04/09/16 7:16 pm

Hayfields and McCoys is excellent.

unknownusername delaware
04/09/16 7:07 pm

Parks and rec, Marco Polo , and house of cards

04/09/16 7:05 pm

The Office, Parks and Rec, Sherlock, Twin Peaks, and my all time favorite, Arrested Development.

knetzere Illinois
04/09/16 7:04 pm

Warehouse 13

Bostonfan39 Central Mass
04/09/16 6:20 pm

This is on YouTube, but The Vice Guide to North Korea is really great

ClayTownR California
04/09/16 5:13 pm

Quentin Tarantino in general.

04/09/16 4:59 pm

Breaking Bad, The Office, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Lost, House of Cards, and The 100

FrenchFrye Chicago
04/09/16 4:32 pm

Dexter and Criminal Minds are my favorites

MediaBlackout Carry on, Carry on.
04/09/16 4:27 pm

Archer and bobs burgers. Really good shows

04/09/16 3:59 pm

Im currently re watching the first two seasons of "The Fall," a series starring Gillian Anderson (of the X Files) as a detective and Jamie Dornan as a serial killer in Northern Ireland. Very suspenseful and well done.

chinito Florida
04/09/16 3:56 pm

White Collar

04/09/16 3:36 pm

Breaking Bad!