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rudy272 April 9th, 2016 5:50am

Have most of your jobs been obtained through mainly your own efforts or through a connection?

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Greenie Social Democrat
04/09/16 6:09 am

My mom is one of the most respected physicians in my state, so it has definitely been helpful to throw her name around.

musiman28 Cotton country
04/09/16 4:47 am

Other than my first job working for my uncle, all on my own.

susanr Colorado
04/08/16 10:55 pm

A combination, usually. One was definitely a connection. But with the others, I consulted people who were helpful in suggesting a person I might work well with (as a grad school mentor), and then as a boss. In both of those cases, though, no one contacted the prospective boss to make a pitch for me; I applied & was evaluated on my own merits. But I probably wouldn't have found them without some guidance.