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Shazam April 9th, 2016 1:49am

Bruce Springsteen has just cancelled his tour dates in NC over thr discriminatory LGBTQ law recently passed by the state. Don't you just love the Boss?

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Shua01 Ohio
04/14/16 9:45 pm

He can't sing and he's a Progressive. Not rally a fan. But that Christmas Song of his, he really makes it his own.

BlueLine Georgia
04/09/16 9:32 pm

Good. Tired of all these people complaining about states passing laws that give people more freedoms. If a place won't serve me for whatever reason, fine, I'll take my business elsewhere.

Torfin Never Behind
04/09/16 4:43 pm

Guess I will avoid BS music now.

rons Thanks America
04/09/16 1:54 pm

What a dope! He has a property and pays no taxes here. prick!

jlong105 Indiana
04/09/16 11:36 am

Screw my fans that have supported me for the decades!

Great. Some of those fans would be LGBT. Oh well hope he enjoys his nights off

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/09/16 11:58 am

Taken by itself....maybe. In conjunction with all the other businesses and events skipping NC, it has an impact.

jlong105 Indiana
04/09/16 3:39 pm

It is still screwing people over long before the government. Empty gesture IMO

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/09/16 3:43 pm

JL - one could say the same for any boycott. Whether they're effective or just a gesture isn't necessarily the end goal. Sometimes it's just about making a statement.

jlong105 Indiana
04/10/16 4:27 am

I will say I appreciate Springsteen's statement better than PayPal. Bruce can always reschedule a concert whereas PayPal will never expand into North Carolina. This is messing with innocent third parties potential financial security, including the population segment affected by the law.

JHawk3205 MD
04/09/16 10:44 am

I'm glad he did it, but I'm not particularly a fan of his music..

biker4life Texas
04/09/16 9:35 am

I don't care for his music, but it only hurts the fans that would pay for a concert. It does absolutely nothing to change the law.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/10/16 12:22 pm

Nope just gonna lose a few fans, won't change a thing

LibArtie SW Connecticut
04/09/16 9:00 am

Roderman and Shazam both have points, even though they're in disagreement. I support Bruce's sentiment and admire his stance. But it really are his fans who suffer. He could have fulfilled his commitment and grandstand on stage to promote his political views.

Phillyusmc Philadelphia PA
04/09/16 8:20 am

he is a leftist jackass and can't sing for shit

04/09/16 7:51 am

It's not really discriminatory to make people use the bathroom with their corresponding sex, regardless of what gender they think they are

susanr Colorado
04/09/16 9:41 am

So you'd be OK with a bearded man using the women's restroom, because when they were born they were determined to be female. And you'd be OK with a busty woman in a dress using the mens' room because when they were born they had a penis.

04/10/16 5:14 am

If you have a penis, you use the men's restroom. If you have a vagina, you use the woman's. It's really not that difficult if a concept

GingaNinja43 Indiana
04/09/16 7:09 am

It's not discriminating to make males go in the male restroom.

getupbaby South City
04/09/16 5:18 am

Stupid fucking law. And the ironic thing is that it'll lead to a lot of pretty women using urinals and freaking out the guys who passed it. "Sorry buddy, it's the law now!"

Malekithe Lets go Rangers
04/09/16 4:57 am

If you have a dick, use the mens room.
If you are a dick, cancel your show, alienate your fans and hopefully they will stop being fans.

Taylorism California
04/09/16 12:20 am

I saw him on his current tour so I understand why the fans are upset. His tickets aren't cheap (I understand they'll get refunded) and it would suck to have an event that you were looking forward to cancelled. I just think there might have been a better way to make a point without hurting the fans. Just my two cents.

fredd TrumpLand
04/09/16 1:21 am

Taylorism time management?

paganraccoon ABC123
04/08/16 11:42 pm

What an idiot. Some perv shouldn't be able to suddenly declare he's a man and use the women's restrooms where there are little girls.

anonymousmn Minnesota
04/09/16 3:44 am

Trust me, if you have used a public restroom, odds are you have already been in one with someone who is transgender. Live with it.

04/09/16 4:38 am

Said nothing of actual trans people

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/08/16 10:10 pm

Couldn't care less about Bruce or the gays.

04/09/16 2:26 am

Your a nobody, nobody cares about you either.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/09/16 4:33 am

That works just fine for me

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
04/08/16 10:08 pm

Haha haha! Fuck NC and Mississippi. We already had this conversation in the goddamn sixties. Discrimination is wrong, and I hope they continue to get reamed by everyone in the union.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
04/08/16 9:17 pm

Eh, really not a fan of him, but that's just because I don't enjoy his music. I don't think what he did will have any positive effect. It'll piss off some fans who were really excited to see him though, that's for sure.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
04/08/16 8:25 pm

The state lost a few $100k in tax revenue from this event alone so I hope my state takes that into consideration, along with any other state.

ronderman North Carolina
04/08/16 8:15 pm

He is a douche! He cancelled his show about 5 hours before he was to take the stage. He SCREWED his fans, not the NC legislature. I have friends that had tickets for tonight's show and they are rightfully pissed.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/08/16 8:38 pm

RON - he cancelled Sunday's show (10th) in Greensboro today. I haven't heard anything anywhere about another show being cancelled. Those who had tix will get a refund.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/08/16 9:53 pm

Here's the statement. Really worth a read:

fredd TrumpLand
04/09/16 1:24 am

I still agree with ronderman TBH. People may have arranged schedules and even booked travel to go see this, no refund for that.

ronderman North Carolina
04/09/16 5:02 am

Shaz, someone corrected me on FB, thanks for doing so here. I misread a friend's post who had tickets for the show.

So, he gave them 48ish hours notice. It's still really crappy of him to do this to his fans. He isn't punishing the legislature or the mayor or even the entirety of NC. He is punishing his fans. It's as simple as that.

He's still a douche.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/08/16 7:49 pm

My opinion of him was neutral before but now it is negative.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/08/16 8:07 pm

Because I support the law. It's a common sense law that has been made to look evil by the media.

jvberg Winter has Come
04/08/16 8:09 pm

A law discriminating against a group of people is evil whatever the reason. Why can't people just treat people as people?

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/08/16 8:31 pm

I don't care if transgenders choose what restroom they want to use. I don't have a problem with that. But the law passed was in reaction to a Charlotte bill that was passed that allowed practically anyone to go into whatever bathroom they want, not just transgenders.

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
04/08/16 10:10 pm

Why? He just exercised his new right to refuse anyone for any reason. Think it's bullshit? Go tell the legislature to repeal it. If not, your friends can get the fuck over it.

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
04/08/16 10:11 pm

Oopsies. The was meant for @ronderman.

Still, law is bullshit.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
04/08/16 7:21 pm

The Boss has spoken!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/08/16 7:19 pm

Him and Charles Barkley, two guys I thought the world of before and think even more of now.

04/08/16 7:13 pm

I just love when politicians use Born in the USA in their campaigns, not realizing the actual tone and message of the song.