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evanlauer April 8th, 2016 9:04pm

In the US, there is a push to drop the drinking age to 18. People say that if you are a legally an adult at 18 years old, you should have all the freedoms of, say, a 50 year old. What do you think?

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paganraccoon ABC123
04/08/16 11:47 pm

I think it should be 19.

Masissar Somewhere
04/08/16 11:29 pm

It is science, we shouldn't be drinking until, 22-26, and even then we need to be careful.

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:29 am

Then let people make that decision themselves.
It's science, we shouldn't smoke at all. Should smoking be illegal? No. Not if you believe in freedom and liberty

ShawPPM1214 Washington
04/08/16 11:25 pm

18 yr old high schoolers getting Drunk legally? No thank you.

garrry Anchorite
04/08/16 10:18 pm

I will bet a lot of money that alcohol related deaths in young adults would skyrocket. They already drink alcohol but your gonna see that number jump.

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:32 am

Actually in most places where the drinking age is lower than ours it is the opposite. They have fewer deaths because they are introduced to it at a younger age whereas here it's improperly introduced and 18 yo have to sneak around to drink. This leads to binge drinking and not knowing when enough is enough

04/08/16 5:19 pm

Shouldn't be legal until 26 when your prefrontal cortex is fully developed.

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:39 am

Absolutely wrong. People need to make that decision themselves.
It's science, we shouldn't smoke at all. Should smoking be illegal? No. Not if you believe in freedom and liberty. Once you become an adult (18) anything that is legal for anyone else ought to be legal for everyone. That's equality, that's freedom. The gov'ts role isn't to be our babysitter and make sure we don't hurt ourselves, that's the role of personal responsibility and the more you mandate it the less of it you get from average citizens

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
04/08/16 3:43 pm

My biggest problem with this is most people are 18 and in high school. The access to alcohol for under age kids who typically don't care about drinking and driving and make horrible choices when they are drunk now makes the gate even wider.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/08/16 5:07 pm

Most kids who are gonna drink start before they're old enough anyways. I was exposed to drugs and alcohol in 8th grade, I was 13. I stay away from it now, but not every kid does.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
04/08/16 6:57 pm

I understand that, but I'm saying the access to it is much easier. If kids know someone who is in class with them and can go get it anytime.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/08/16 3:12 pm

18 is too young, but if you're old enough to go die for your country, you're old enough to have a drink.

evanlauer Redmond, WA
04/08/16 3:20 pm

Well said.

04/08/16 4:45 pm

I disagree.
-US Marine, joined at 18

missmorganmarie ...
04/08/16 9:23 pm

thank you for your service du

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:41 am

I disagree. 18 is not too young

PamGH SW Washington
04/08/16 2:18 pm

How about this. Brain scan says that a 21 year old brain is still more like an adolescent than an adult. Let's just raise the age of majority to 21 FOR EVERYTHING. (try hard to think of the facts as we now know them, not do things the way we are because it has always been that way)

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:47 am

Horrible idea. That would indeed start a slippery slope. Next it will be moved to 25.
Don't you see the damage were doing by keeping our adults as children. College is practically high school now. People live with their parents way longer. No young people are buying houses.
Your idea would just add to that problem.
My idea: you're 18 now, you are completely responsible for all of your actions, drink, smoke, join the army, buy a house, whatever. Sink or swim, go figure it out. The momma bird pushes her babies outta the nest, some fly some don't, but it IS the best way

PamGH SW Washington
04/09/16 3:01 pm

I prefer facts backed up by science. Change is always hard. Status quo is easier. But in this case I will politely disagree with you and follow logical, proven science, even if my world view has to change.

dfish at home
04/09/16 7:16 pm

Science has nothing to do with it. Gov't needs to let adults be adults

PamGH SW Washington
04/09/16 10:43 pm

But science is telling us that an 18 year old brain is no where near adulthood in development. Now you can ignore the facts if you want to, most people do. But it's very good solid research and is accepted by the science community. I'm not talking some one-time study. If you want links just ask.

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:45 pm

Do you have kids? Are you gonna make them live with you until they're 21? A brain being fully developed has never been synonymous with legal adulthood. That's why it's a moot point

PamGH SW Washington
04/10/16 12:00 am

I have two kids and four grandkids

PamGH SW Washington
04/10/16 12:01 am

And while it has never been ..... Is that your foundation for not changing your view on new and valid science?

dfish at home
04/10/16 12:13 am

Yes, it being a moot point is why I'm not using it to mold my opinion.
So will you advise you children to keep your grandchildren living at home until they're 21?
Should those under 21 go to juvie when they commit a felony?
Should people under 21 not be allowed to enter into a contract?

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
04/08/16 2:13 pm

Iowa has had the drinking age at 18 and 21. Its experience is that if you drop the age then even younger persons have an easy time in getting the alcohol. It's not the age but our culture that is the problem. Children need to be taught how to properly use alcohol like they do in many European countries. I grew up in France and we had alcohol available at most meals. I have never been legally drunk so it must have paid off with me.

evanlauer Redmond, WA
04/08/16 2:23 pm

Do you think it has something to do with the 'forbidden fruit' effect? If the age is 18, we might have less of a problem with dangerous use of it. (driving, etc)

Food for thought.

Rather, drink for thought.

phen nebraska
04/08/16 2:09 pm

18 isn't an adult in Nebraska.

dfish at home
04/09/16 11:50 am

What??? Explain. Does an 18 year old go to juvie if they kill someone? Can an 18 yo enter into a binding contract?

phen nebraska
04/09/16 1:12 pm

The age of majority in Nebraska is 19, not 18 like most normal states. 18 yr old can sign a rental agreement, but usually need a co signer.

And 18 yr olds go to big boy jail for murder...have a few in there now. But they are put in protection since they are still legally minors

phen nebraska
04/09/16 7:23 pm

That's what a lot of say too