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DerekWills April 8th, 2016 7:31pm

SOC (SEAL) Chris Kyle would have turned 42 today. Rest in peace, Chief. Hoorah!

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Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
04/09/16 10:37 pm

How did he die? CIA? Illuminati? A "heart attack"?

04/08/16 11:13 pm

While his death was unfortunate, I'm hesitant to actively praise someone who gloated about killing, bragged about killing US citizens looting during Katrina (likely a lie), lied about killing two men trying to carjack him, and was successfully sued for libel by Jesse James. I wish him and his family peace but I also do not feel at ease with someone who had a history of such problems being used for propaganda as a shining star for the military. Perhaps his time at war distorted his mind and he became attracted to the fame of being a storyteller, I don't know, and I feel sympathy if that was the case. I just don't feel right holding him as a gold standard, God-like figure people make him to be.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/08/16 11:44 pm

He did more for this country than you ever will so you owe him your respect. How many American lives did you save at work today? He saved lives everyday he was on the job. It's easy to pick someone's life apart in hindsight, but how many American Soldiers came home to their families because he was on scope watching their backs? I wish I could have impacted as many people in my service. He was a great American and should be remembered as such.

04/09/16 3:09 am

While I can respect that and I do, I also find a large amount of his life troubling to the point where I'd rather not single him out over other soldiers for remembrance. What do you think of those troubling aspects of his life? Do you not believe they happened or so you not believe they mattered? I find it unsettling that a soldier would brag about shooting U.S. citizens on U.S. soil during a disaster situation, whether he was telling the truth or not.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/09/16 4:47 am

I doubt it was true, if it was I would find that troubling. Was he ordered to do that? I'll investigate,

04/09/16 4:49 am

Also I said Jesse James instead of Jesse Ventura in my first post haha. Very different people.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/10/16 1:26 pm

I wasn't gonna bring that up about the Jesse Ventura. I knew what you meant.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
04/08/16 9:58 pm

A true hero! 🇺🇸

rickvee Living the dream
04/08/16 5:32 pm

Yes, we say "Oohrah". The Navy says "Hoorah", they couldn't come up with anything original. Then there's the Army that says "Hooahh" which sounds like the noise a girl makes in her throat when she takes a cock too deep and gags. Which leaves the chAir Force... They say "I want the gun that goes pew pew pew".

augustin Oklahoma
04/08/16 3:15 pm

Great man. Real American hero. Happy birthday and rest in peace!

chickencookie Jihad Joe
04/08/16 2:03 pm

Another occasion the great one did not acknowledge.