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RedDye40 Way Over Yonder
04/10/16 10:16 am

I've noticed a trend of employers paying hourly wages (29 hrs per week) rather than salary. Have you?

alynn Somewhere wonderful
04/08/16 9:37 am

Salary. I also get an annual bonus, my personal smartphone and home internet are paid for, and my continuing ed requirements are covered. Those extras run around $9k per year.

RedDye40 Way Over Yonder
04/10/16 10:15 am

Does it bother you to use your business phone for personal use? We have this debate at work all of the time - I work in public health and we have work smartphone (because we are on-call). I've always preferred to keep my personal/work electronics separate.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
04/10/16 10:29 am

When I took the promotion, I did not have a smartphone. A smartphone is required for the job because it will enable me to work remotely in an emergency. They calculated the amount I would have to pay for a smartphone with unlimited data, and they added that to my salary. So....they cover the cost of my phone for that just-in-case scenario. The only thing I have to do is sync my phone with my work email. Pretty sweet deal, I think. My phone allowance is significantly more than the cost of my phone, so I get to keep that amount.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
04/10/16 10:30 am

If I was using my phone regularly for business though, I would definitely keep it separate.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
04/10/16 10:33 am

I did not have home internet either, so they also added to my salary so that I would have home internet and be able to work remotely in an emergency. All this is about $220/month that I don't have to pay!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
04/08/16 6:37 am

Neither retired ,but was hourly at $38.50 before retirement.