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Mexico50 April 8th, 2016 3:48am

I'm new to this and I wanted to start off by saying I'm gay and I currently suffer with depression. I have never told my parents because I am scared. I am only 15 years old. What should I do?

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04/12/16 1:52 pm

I think you got some great advice below. I would just echo some statements made. Make sure you have someone or some group you can reach out to for support since you are depressed and always remember that is a temporary feeling. Don't feel pressured to tell your parents; that will happen in time. Please keep talking about how you feel and what will help you feel better. I'd also look for online forums that can help you and where you won't be asked to change, you will be accepted as you are. Some have rules about what people can and can't say so everyone gets support with no negativity. I'd find one of those.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/09/16 1:36 am

Maybe give girls a chance, they are way better than some sweaty guys ass.

04/08/16 8:10 am

I feel u man. I'm fifteen as well and I'm bisexual. I've dealt with depression issues basically my whole life. Here's a piece of advice: tell your parents that you are depressed but you don't have to come out to them if you don't want to. If you begin to see a therapist you can always tell them. Hang in there buddy and good luck :)

PamGH Washington
04/08/16 7:40 am

You are in a rough spot at a rough age. Know that the world is a better place now for gay individuals. As you come into adulthood you have every expectation that life will get much better. ACK so much to you have one trusted confidant? It would help. If you become suicidal (statistics say you are at greater risk) call, walk or run to your local hospital. I don't know what to offer, but hang in there I KNOW it will get better. Science shows it will, statistics show it will. You ARE a valuable person. Find your passion and start working on long term goals. Maybe become a lawyer so you can help the gay movement. Something like that. Here are some links. -

Rosebud Ohio
04/08/16 6:30 am

So as much as it sucks, it's not always smart to tell parents you're gay. First and foremost try and get ahead of feeling depressed. Is it only about that issue, or everything in general? How much does it affect your ability to function? Do you think talking to a Dr could be an option?

liam2013 iowa
04/08/16 6:04 am

You are not alone. Find a support group locally or on the web. As for telling your parents, since I don't know them like you do, I would hold off until you can get some advice from the LGBT support group or have the support of another adult that you can trust.

04/08/16 12:07 am

I think there are more options than "proud" and "ashamed." It is what it is.

Iamamerican California
04/07/16 10:05 pm

How are you new if you have 3000 polls?

EarlyBird Portland
04/07/16 11:00 pm

This is his only poll.

Yessy Texas
04/07/16 9:11 pm

Um... I don't know what to say! But although I'm not an expert and I don't agree with the gay community, I think that ur parents are your parents and they will love you the way you are! I also think that your depression is caused by the fact that you are afraid of people not accepting you and disowning you! Well I hope everything turns out fine though !

04/07/16 8:57 pm

I'm sorry you are struggling right now. I'll put link some LGBT and mental health resource lists. (also includes info about depression) (coming out guide)

NoNameToBeHad nope
04/07/16 8:56 pm

what you should do is not post about it on a community voting app and instead focus on making your current situation better.

PamGH Washington
04/08/16 7:43 am

This is a fine venue for him to post. Lot of smart people here. Your comment offered me. Seems rough and edgy.

04/07/16 8:50 pm

I feel like I will be lonely forever

chinito Florida
04/07/16 8:53 pm

Are you Mexico22?

goldz oh this world
04/07/16 8:49 pm

Be strong!! I don't know your family, but it's probably better to tell your parents. They're your parents and love you and hopefully will accept you.

04/07/16 8:51 pm

I would like to but they are against gay people