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ScenarioNations April 8th, 2016 2:57am

Which is more likely: we find intelligent life in space that's more warlike or less warlike than humans?

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greenfish Louisiana
04/07/16 11:15 pm

Less war means more money j to the economy which means more inventions which means they would probably get to space before us.

ScenarioNations California
04/07/16 11:34 pm

There's been times where war time economies flourish.

greenfish Louisiana
04/07/16 11:36 pm

That's the broken window fallacy my friend, read Economics in One Lesson.

ScenarioNations California
04/07/16 11:38 pm

Honestly I can believe that due to my lack of studying the issue. I'm using knowledge my history teacher told me so it's probably not accurate.

ScenarioNations California
04/08/16 12:15 am

I looked into it and you were correct.

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
04/07/16 9:50 pm

Less, if they were more they would have probably wiped themselves out

04/07/16 8:38 pm

War is a product of unintelligence, ignorance and stubbornness. An advanced species would be much more peaceful and empathetic. Frankly, the human race is quite pathetic in how little it has socially advanced.

Galgation Daddy Milton
04/07/16 8:22 pm

Oh god I hope less, otherwise we may need to give Ender a call.

goldz oh this world
04/07/16 8:15 pm

Less, otherwise they'd find us first.