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Show Of Hands April 4th, 2012 12:00am

With Romney's significant delegate lead, would you say the Republican primary race is now essentially over?

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04/12/12 11:06 am

"With Romney's significant delegate lead..." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

PetePuma Oregon
04/10/12 8:39 pm

I live in Oregon. We don't even have a primary until May. By the time it gets our way, everything is already tied up and sealed. I think ALL Presidential Primaries should be held within the same week, or even same month. that would bd this b.s. once and for all.

poq Utah
04/08/12 9:02 am

If the news told you the Easter bunny was real would you believe it?

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
04/08/12 12:18 am

funny how no one has a logical answer to my earlier post on Obama and Romney and yet ppl blindly continue their support for corruption

04/07/12 7:53 am

I really hope so, Rick Santorum can't in into his little pea rain the idea of separation of church and state. You can't let your religious beliefs steer your decisions unless of course, EVERYONE was Christian... And in pretty sure America is not 100% Christian. Lol

2Bfree New York
04/07/12 5:14 am

It was over before it started. Sham.

04/06/12 9:29 pm

Lol at the people still trying to make it seem as if Ron Paul is in the running.

04/06/12 7:52 pm

@logic we don't live in a democracy. We live in a republic. The political system was designed to remove power from the individual citizen.

countrytboy Georgia
04/06/12 7:21 pm

Its prob over but stuff can always change. Not sayin its likely but it could.

04/06/12 7:16 pm

I thought we voted for an Islamunist.

04/06/12 7:09 pm

32no you guys voted for a lunatic democrat last time so whats the dif?

04/06/12 5:43 pm

NObama, you mean be stupid and vote for one of the lunatic republican candidates this year? No thanks.

04/06/12 5:32 pm

be smart and vote Ron Paul ;)

04/06/12 4:08 pm

No, because my state didn't vote yet and Im a registered republican that will never vote for Romney. Pick Rick 12'

yepnope Maryland
04/06/12 12:22 pm

Question: are any of you against the popular vote deciding elections? If so, why? I just don't understand why our voting system is the way it is. Shouldn't all votes be equal to each other in a democracy?

mixhead Oregon
04/06/12 10:16 am

Ron Paul is doing a lot better than the projected delegate numbers the MSM posts. YouTube video footage of the caucuses counting the delegates. RP is kicking ass. That's why the GOP is taking more extreme measures at railroading delegates for Romney.

04/06/12 10:00 am

Praet, I'm glad u are opposed to obama-style/liberal destructive change, because that is what I was referring to, thus the quotation marks. I agree with change, especially in this global market, but we will have a choice on the direction of change... More gov or less gov!!!

04/06/12 9:54 am

pretorian; I usually agree with much of what you post on here but I have to say our constitution was way ahead of its time and more then capable of taking us into the future. If people are talking about becoming like Europe , no thanks!

cowboy Dog Father
04/06/12 9:14 am

@NYevo Set up by whoever runs the RNC and DNC.

04/06/12 6:43 am

Ace123, Obama's voter fraud?! Ha! You're hilarious!

04/06/12 6:42 am

Ace123, are you talking about the 120 delegates not representing a certain region? Overall, It is a delegate estimate so far, but that is based on the original double counted poll results. Sure the results could slightly change by november, but this estimate is relatively accurate.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
04/06/12 5:34 am

Cuz every delegate knows his or her duty.Watch.Ron Paul has much more a majority of the delegates than shown and once it's counted it will show that he is up there with Romney.But even if Paul won the GOP he would have to go up against Obama's voter fraud. It's all about getting the word out.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
04/06/12 5:28 am

@32no I don't think you understand what I was saying.The delegate count is AN ESTIMATE dependent on votes. No delegates, except a few, have been awarded.They haven't actually counted all the delegates yet.Voter fraud has been happening in Romneys favor.The thing is you can't have delegate fraud.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
04/06/12 5:19 am

@kRaZyXmAn You speak the truth. Any candidate funded by Goldman Sachs or any other big off shore banks is a label on the the candidate that says corrupt. Obama is funded by them now. So say it comes down to
Obama and Romney. Do you want a corrupt president or a corrupt president. RONPAUL2012

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
04/06/12 1:49 am

Anyone who votes for Obama OR Romney is a blind idiot, just look at their biggest campaign contributors....the EXACT SAME banks and're all Goldman Sachs pawns if you vote for those 2

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
04/06/12 1:40 am

if Romney wins then Obama gets re-elected. Period. Ron Paul is the only one with a chance to beat Obama.

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
04/06/12 1:36 am

Ron Paul is bringing some delegates to a brokered convention near you (if u live in Florida) and coming away with the steal!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!

04/06/12 12:09 am

And btw, the Roman empire fell because of its inflexibility and decadence.
If we lose the competition against China and India we will also perish.
But I hope this isn't going to happen so stand up America!

04/05/12 9:55 pm

@mrken: I don't think America needs fundamental change BUT needs to keep flexible to adapt to new situation when times and mores are changing, otherwise it will become outdated.
Taking on new challenges involves change - although not necessarily Obama-style change ;)

04/05/12 9:26 pm

It's extremely disheartening hearing so much distaste for what America has stood for and what built this great nation. I question this doctrine to "fundamentally change America". WHY!!

04/05/12 9:23 pm

gramps Kim packaged her big hind end into a family franchise and some people buy it

04/05/12 9:21 pm

When you get away from known fundamentals like having 20% down qualifying your income looking at your credit score you are asking for trouble. I know people in California that had interest only loans.

04/05/12 9:19 pm

32no; you don't think they are smart enough to work inside our stupid ridicules tax laws? They have lawyers that keep them right inside the line but its still our government that wrote the laws! I'm sure there were lobbyists involved not to mention NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton.

04/05/12 9:16 pm

The US is fair...the most fair actually! It's been documents intact in something we call the declaration of independence.

04/05/12 8:58 pm

Jopat, not many have been prosecuted, because they aren't regulated. They manipulate as they please.

04/05/12 8:55 pm

Landoffree, that unfairness is not what this country should live in.

04/05/12 8:54 pm

I would say that Romney is the eventual nominee. However, I am tired of people calling for candidates to get out of the race. I long for the day when every state's vote will matter in the primary process.

04/05/12 8:51 pm

All I've heard is Kim K is some kind of model with a penchant for football stars. Sorry I don't follow human interest stories and tabloid sensationalism.

04/05/12 8:43 pm

how do you explain the Kardashians?

04/05/12 8:13 pm

@jopat : Yes I think people who get wealthy from scratch must be workaholics; if you intend to get rich so that you can retire once it's enough you probably don't have what it takes - that's why many wealthy people work till they die while lottery winners often squander their fortune.

04/05/12 7:52 pm

It is time to get behind Mitt Romney & start the process of defeating Barak Obama. The November election is critical for us & our children. We have a massive debt that can not be even slightly touched even if we took every penny from every rich person in the nation

04/05/12 6:41 pm

There are millions that do the same thing!

04/05/12 6:41 pm

Not that I know many wealthy people but the ones I di know work their asses off from sun up to sun down and then they go home and work some more. My son is in his mis 30's makes excellent money 1/4 mil annually never stops working, takes calls all evening at home.

scottstots Georgia
04/05/12 6:33 pm

@32no I disagree, most money (wealth) is not from luck. Some percentage of wealth is from the Horatio Alger type stories, but most wealth today is inherited. The wealthy can also make all the rules and get plenty of govt money or inside info on the front end and pay lower tax rates on the back end

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
04/05/12 6:28 pm

It's Ron Paul for me. Romney and Obama are the ends of a two-sided dildo.

04/05/12 6:16 pm

The one thing we have going for us in this country is the ability to succeed and become wealthy. We need that advantage to counter a liberal overspending government. This country will always favor winners and loath losers. It may not be fair but it's how it is.

04/05/12 5:44 pm

RJ: I heard Obama has asked William Ayres to be on his ticket. Kinda cute another Chicago guy!