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ravenhead April 7th, 2016 9:16pm

Do you all think that businesses should be allowed to Discriminate against LGBT people?

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drewnelson boston
04/09/16 6:57 pm

Discrimination is the most disgusting and dangerous issue that we face in the world today. We're all people, and we need to learn to accept our differences.

04/09/16 11:20 pm

Agreed! People (mainly Conservatives) also need to STOP being so scared of LGBT people, Transgender people, women's rights, etc...
People should have the same rights as everyone else (unless the person is a Murderer). People should be allowed to use the bathroom they identify with... It's 2016, get religion out of schools, teach the facts, and stop being little pussies about things/Stop being scared of things. (SORRY for my language... I just drives me crazy).

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/07/16 3:07 pm

Every business owner should be able to decide who he/she will deal with.

04/07/16 5:33 pm

Not when it comes to denying LGBT people service... No, they do not nor should have that right.

Jimmo Texas
04/07/16 7:05 pm

Why not? The free market will correct the behavior. It isn't the government's job to intervene.