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Sk8BoredR April 7th, 2016 2:25pm

If you were the Prime Minister of Israel what would you do to SOLVE the current crisis between Israel & the Palestinians. (Thanks to @chinito for the idea😊)

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04/07/16 2:48 pm

I totally support Israel and Netanyahu. I would take gaza and the West Bank back, unite Jerusalem as the undivided capital, and stop apologizing for being a success in the midst of a failed ME.
Then I would attack all of the critical sites in Iran's nuclear program, and sign a few peace treaties with the Sunni countries.

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
04/07/16 10:31 am

Build a giant dome around it all, complete with weather controls and the like. Disarm everyone inside except for spears and bows and swords, clone all of the most dangerous predators that have ever roamed the earth, release them inside, and see what happens. Problem solved. Whoever can survive THE DOME can stay, and I have a feeling that fighting a mutual enemy of raptors and T-rex's and the like will bring everyone closer together.

I await funding for my plan

Seneca imbeciles for trump
04/07/16 10:26 am

Carpet bomb the entire Middle East then have a snack.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 9:21 am

Thanks for doing this poll. I would like yo see if anyone will offer an idea that hasn't been tried.

04/07/16 9:40 am

The Palestinians have consistently refused a two state solution, I highly doubt Egypt wants Gaza or the Jordanians the West Bank, there's an intifada going on, it's not exactly a pretty situation

chinito Florida
04/07/16 9:43 am

Based on the comments here and other polls people think Israel doesn't want peace. They say that Israel wants to conquer expand and conquer more land. It is amazing how little they know about the history v

04/07/16 9:46 am

I mean, some revisionist Zionists exist, but most Israelis would accept a peace deal even if it meant land swaps. But you are right. The Peel Commission, the UN Partition, the Barak and Olmert offers, etc.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/07/16 8:37 am

Probably impossible, id probably offer Palestine official recognition and an end to all hostilities, but that would probably kill off all popularity in Israel

chinito Florida
04/07/16 9:18 am

What would you ask in return? Would you want them to recognize you as well? How about stop sending rockets and sending terrorists?

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/07/16 9:31 am

Well yes naturally, but i doubt they would accept that just as much as i doubt the Israelis would accept it

chinito Florida
04/07/16 9:51 am

Israel did exactly that with Egypt and Jordan. They even gave them a lot of territory in exchange for recognition and peace.

In 2005 Israel unilaterally gave total control of Gaza to the Palestinians. Every settlement was dismantled and every jew was pulled out of Gaza. Sometimes, the IDF had to literally carry jews out of their homes. This was just as a token of good faith. The international community said that if Israel showed that they are willing to live alongside Palestinians in a 2 state solution then the Palestinians would negotiate. Instead, they elected Hamas and started a huge wave of terrorist attacks against Israel.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/07/16 5:04 pm

I mean i am certainly no expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what you describes seems like a start, nevertheless Israel does not recognise Palestine yet and that may be partly fuelling the fire. Perhaps a referendum for the entire Israel-Palestine region similar the the Scottish/ Irish Referendum would help a bit with all majority Pro-Palestinian areas going to an officially recognised Palestine and all Pro-Israel areas going to Israel. Anyway you are clearly very pro Israel and certainly paint Israel with a different brush to Palestine

chinito Florida
04/07/16 5:50 pm

To understand the issue lets go to the beginning. Gaza was part of Egypt and The West Bank was part of Jordan. In 1967, Israel was attacked and not only they stopped the Arabs but they conquered a lit of land (including the West Bank and Gaza). Most of the land was later returned in exchange for peace. There was never a Palestine. There has never been a civilization called Palestine. There is no reason for Israel to recognize them.

Palestinians didn't declared themselves as a state until 1988 and they were recognized by the UN in 2012. So the state of Palestine is a modern invention.

Now, most Israelis support a 2 state solution. Israel has tried to negotiate with them but Palestinians have broken every treaty, every ceasefire every time. Unfortunately, the government of the Palestinians are terrorists. Hamas is no different from Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 5:54 pm

As you can see, Israel wants peace. They proudly did it with their neighbors Egypt and Jordan. They have been trying to do the same with the Palestinians. But they don't want. Have you ever read the Hamas platform? I'm really looking forward to hearing anything that Israel hasn't try.

badgerben Las Vegas
04/07/16 7:06 pm

Chinito, a thought occurred to me as I read your explanation. You said we should start at the "beginning". My guess is that the starting point varies based upon who you ask.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 8:16 pm

You are right. I was trying to explain where the Palestinians come from. I went back to 1967 because that is when Israel took control of Gaza and the West Bank. I wanted to make the point that it went from Egypt and Jordan to Israel, never Palestine. Before that, the land was controlled by the British. Before that by the Ottomans. You will never find it belonged to Palestinians.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/08/16 3:26 am

Again while you clearly know more than me about this subject you are painting Israel to be completely innocent, while Israel is probably the most stable and least savage country in the middle east they have certainly also been aggressive in the past, if memory serves me correctly Israel attacked Egypt in the 1950s as part of the Suez Crisis to allow Britain and France to occupy the Suez Canal.

chinito Florida
04/08/16 6:48 am

Yes, in 1956 Israel, The UK and France attacked Egypt.

In 1955, fedayeen attacks from Egypt started attacking Israelis. Then, in 1956, Egypt nationalize the Suez Canal and blocked the Gulf of Aqaba. That blocked Israel's shipping and was a violation of the Suez Canal Convention. Later the same year, the coalition attacked Egypt. You should know this story as Britain played a big role.

Nothing was occupied or conquered. Every territory was returned. And Israel regained it's freedom of navigation.

Closing the Suez Canal could be compared to closing the Strait of Hormuz (which Iran has threaten to do and the West said that it would be considered as an act of war).

chinito Florida
04/08/16 6:56 am

Israel has made other attacks. In the 80's they attacked and destroyed a nuclear reactor in Iraq. The world heavily criticized Israel. Later during the Desert Storm war, everyone was glad that they did so. They did something similar during 2007 with a Syrian reactor.

My point is that Israel sometimes has to carry preemptive strikes to be able to survive. I'm sure that if Iran builds nuclear capabilities they would also destroy them.

RadicalJack Anarcho Syndicalist
04/07/16 8:31 am

End the illegal occupation for one

professorwho Madness and Genius
04/07/16 8:07 am

Stop bombing and oppressing them for one.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
04/07/16 8:03 am

If I was the prime minister of Isreal? Let's just say there wouldn't be a middle east when I release the "Samson" option.

04/07/16 7:47 am

I would kill them with kindness.

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
04/07/16 7:46 am

Put up a wall on the border of the original agreement, pay back the US and help to rebuild all that Israel destroyed.

ClayTownR California
04/07/16 7:37 am

Secularize the country, spread out the Arabs (keep them from being in separate cities/neighborhoods) among local population, and de-radicalize them.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 9:56 am

In Israel everyone has the same rights. Muslims live free in Israel (for sure they have more freedom than in Palestine or any Arab country). Muslims in Israel can serve in the government (the third largest party is the Arab Party), serve in the army (many Arabs do), do business, buy property... I lived in Israel for a little while and my boss was a Muslim.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 10:00 am

By the way, how do you de-radicalize them? Maybe we should do the same with ISIS.

ClayTownR California
04/07/16 12:09 pm

The main process of de-radicalization is assimilation. This is the reason that oh don't hear about mass rapes/killings from Muslims in America - there are no Muslim ghettoes, just a sprinkling of Muslim immigrants along with everyone else. Thusly, they are forced to join the not-terrorist culture. For obvious reasons, this doesn't exactly work with the especially radical followers, e.g. ISIS.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 12:39 pm

You cannot blame Europeans for the actions of Muslims in their countries. They have free countries and Muslims can choose where to live, what school they want to attend, what mosque they go, who they befriend and how they want to practice their religion. It is not the West's fault that Muslim terrorists exist.

chinito Florida
04/07/16 12:43 pm

We cannot force Muslims to live somewhere they don't want. We can't force them to assimilate. We can't force them to leave their ghettos. But Muslims living in Europe, Israel and America know that if they decide to do so they can live like anybody else. And we will welcome them as our neighbors, coworkers, friends and fellow citizens. We even have laws to ensure those rights.

04/07/16 7:29 am

If I become the Prime Minister of Israel, I'd first order the assassination of Netanyahu as gift for the US and then finally offer the entire country over as a protectorate and let them solve it.

04/07/16 9:22 am

Completely reasonable. Israel has become too much of a wild card.

04/07/16 11:55 am

You mean like a sovereign country trying to survive murderous Moslems?