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Show Of Hands September 18th, 2011 12:00am

By popular demand: Barack Obama or Ron Paul?

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09/30/11 2:20 pm

If you want peace and liberty, take 2 minutes to check out Ron Paul's voting record. Ron Paul 2012!

09/30/11 2:15 pm

Obama supports the Patriot Act, more wars, drone assassinations of US citizens, the war on drugs, corporate bailouts....

09/30/11 2:06 pm

Ron Paul wants to end the wars and the bailouts. He supports our right to just be left alone. I think he can and should be our next President.

PearlyGate Texas
09/30/11 8:36 am

I though the generation after me was sad ... Turns out it's every generation that's sad. Do you even know who you're representing? If I could, 1,000 votes to Obama.

waaazzaap Arizona
09/29/11 9:03 pm

Ron Paul Revolution! Ppl should see his videos on YouTube ... the only person with a sense in his mind

Comments North Carolina
09/24/11 6:21 pm

I only wish show of hands was a cross section of America. Ron Paul is what republicans are supposed to be. not Jesus freaks or bigots like they often are today

09/24/11 10:02 am

I closed my eyes and picked one just to see the results

musicboy22 Minnesota
09/24/11 9:49 am

I've never been a republican and never will be. I will not vote for anyone who will put a setback in me having equal rights.

09/23/11 10:53 pm

Ron Paul can and will win!!!!! His following is growing exponentially. Join the movement or settle for what we currently have.

09/23/11 4:15 pm

@maleRN Are you serious... he chose that specialty when it wasn't a sorority and before nursing had any fraternities...

09/23/11 8:11 am

Wake up... it won't be Obama vs any repub. Hillary is going to be the Dem nominee one way or another! That has been the plan all along! The progressive agenda demands socialized medicine and Hillary had already been defeated so it was Obama's job to hang that albatross around our necks.

09/23/11 7:40 am

The media are getting paid by the federal reserve. Who runs the money. O and btw can not be audited by the government?! Are you serious?! Inflation anyone?! Get rid of the federal reserve. Do your homework people YouTube zeitgeist federal reserve.

Ron Paul 2012!

09/23/11 7:38 am

Notthemomm. "I would vote for Ron Paul if there was enough following so my vote wouldn't be wasted" are you serious?? That's the problem with America right there. And second of all he has a huggge following. He is leading most polls that give a fair shake. Media is bias because the people that own

09/23/11 7:34 am

Soitgoes. Couldn't have said it better myself

jjplol North Carolina
09/22/11 7:00 am

Ron Paul stands for civil liberties and freedom... 45% of the voters don't care about their civil liberties and freedom?

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
09/20/11 11:27 pm

@BEACHFREAK: the way you type, it actually sounds Cajun!

09/20/11 6:22 pm

sorry not dot it is supposed to be don't

09/20/11 6:21 pm

I do t know who that guy is but anything other than obama. (p.s. I had a oh no you didn't monument my iPad wanted to but obama I caps but in my head I was like that stinkin ombama do nest deserve it , oh burn). yes that was on purpose

Soitgoes Missouri
09/20/11 3:27 pm

That inflation by the Fed hurts the worker only. The gov't earns more in taxes, big businesses work around it by fluctuating prices, and workers still make the same per hour. Small business gets the shaft too because they usually don't have the resources to combat it like the walmarts do.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
09/20/11 12:00 pm

All of these "@Veritas" comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy about the ignore feature. Thanks Tony!

09/20/11 4:31 am

3rdSide: John Kerry (who served in Vietnam)? I never knew that. That's funny. Maybe the Botox injections prevented him from enunciating properly.

knowbuddy California
09/20/11 12:47 am

Ron Paul 2012! Hooray for small government!

Landstander Washington
09/20/11 12:19 am

@veritas Barry ended the wars? Why was I not informed?

And of course I'd vote Ron Paul, what a silly question.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
09/19/11 11:50 pm

Oh and finally an appropriate place to say...

Dr. Ron Paul 2012! 


Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
09/19/11 11:32 pm

Return liberty to the people! Stop the costly (lives and money) wars that only generate hate towards America. Stop the Federal Reserve from devaluing our money. Reduce government spending and taxes.

Dr. Ron Paul 2012! 

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
09/19/11 11:30 pm

YOUR VOTES determine if Paul is electable, not the media or some good 'ol boys club. Take what you see on TV with a bucket of salt. Look into what Ron Paul stands for and look at his ideologically consistent and principle centered voting record.

Dr. Ron Paul 2012! 

09/19/11 7:26 pm

@maleRN I remember one John Kerry/Bush debate when John Kerry said "OG BYN"; my wife and I lolled but no comedy show ever picked up on it

09/19/11 7:23 pm

lol@mental image of me childish, but I can't help laughing

wrb630 Boone, NC
09/19/11 7:18 pm

What a choice. They're both dimwits!

09/19/11 7:07 pm

Stunbuns: do you really think Paul can make it? He's and outsider. He don't satisfy the establishments prerequisites.

Whether it be the Donkey Party or GOP, they both have a closed-door, behind the scenes elite few good old boys club that calls the shots. Paul ain't in the club.

09/19/11 5:40 pm

Ron Paul is going to get this country back on track. Guys please vote for him. He will help us so much. Also listen to the Ale Jones show please vote for ron!

09/19/11 12:10 pm

Barack Paul!

Ron Obama!

Being an RN myself, I am always leary of male physicians who choose OB-GYN as their specialty... it's a bit perverse. I've heard some weird stories.

09/19/11 11:53 am

Paul is an idiot but so is Obama. Paul wins

Soitgoes Missouri
09/19/11 10:33 am

Paul has said in interviews that he would run with a democrat as his VP. That's how constitutionalist he is. He's mentioned Kucinich as a potential running mate!

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/19/11 9:50 am

If Ron Paul wrestled the nomination away from Romney and Perry all Republicans and Independents would line up behind Paul and he would win against Obama. Then if he picked Herman Cain as VP it would be a great ticket of non conformist pro constitution candidates for the Republicans

America Rhode Island
09/19/11 9:04 am

Obama couldn't cure cancer, so I'm voting for cancer.

09/19/11 8:44 am

Navy SEALs killed bin Laden. Obama gave the order, but Bush laid down the groundwork.

It was our f-ing badass military that popped the caps.

ConnorFenc Texas
09/19/11 7:29 am

Personally, I think they're both idiots.

09/19/11 7:01 am

"It's the economy stupid!"-Carville
Send in our economic brilliant representitives in 2012. Fiscal Responsibility NOT more debt!

09/19/11 6:58 am

Where are the other seven states BHO visited? This poll doesnt help the most brilliant President we've ever had! {snicker}

09/19/11 2:15 am

BHO for sure. Granted we didn't get all the change we voted for, but during his second term I believe he'll go for broke and will more than make up for ground lost during his first term. BHO will do Americans proud.

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
09/19/11 1:47 am

You guys do know Ron Paul is 76 right?

09/18/11 11:28 pm

I am liking these results. A lot.

09/18/11 11:13 pm

Veritas. He didn't cut it. And he isn't doing nearly as good with a recession as Bush did. It wasn't as bad of a recession, but he softened it nicely. Have you even heard of the recession? Most people don't seem to know it here.
Sean- that's pretty offensive. My maiden name I had 2 first names.

09/18/11 11:05 pm

@arkhogs it's obvious you don't know much about Ron Paul yourself.

09/18/11 10:26 pm

here is the interesting piece...look at how the independents voted in every single one of these questions.

09/18/11 10:22 pm

Paul is crazy, but Obama is crazier

09/18/11 10:11 pm

Sean you must always keep the skew in mind. Also most people have No idea what Paul stands for

spoiler Michigan
09/18/11 9:36 pm

@seanythmam. U mean in this app right?