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CzarCastic April 7th, 2016 4:35am

More personal private subject matter: your financial situation or health?

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leilu SoCal
04/07/16 6:41 am

I think the more money someone earns, the less likely they are to talk about it.

As far as health goes, if I had a minor health concern I wouldn't mind sharing if it came up in conversation. If I had a serious health concern, people would know. I would ask for prayers and help (taking care of kids, cooking meals, etc).

04/07/16 3:45 pm

You can also make the argument that the more somebody makes, the more bragging rights they could potentially have. The flipside to that is the less money somebody makes, the more self-conscious they would potentially be about it. Also if was allergic glutton I wouldn't mind sharing it. E.D or low T...not so much

rons Thanks America
04/07/16 6:04 am

You'll change your mind as you get older.

04/07/16 6:40 am

Is this an issue?

04/07/16 10:46 pm

Ur mad?

chickencookie Let there be peace
04/07/16 4:54 am

Everyone I know has no problem talking about health. People are nosy about money though and where is Czarcastic? Is he locked up in that house of yours?

04/07/16 6:39 am

He's alive and well. No Bueno?

04/07/16 4:12 am

I'm happy to discuss either. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

cpaswr just say the letters
04/07/16 4:03 am

I have no issues discussing finances in general. However, if I am discussing things with someone that I know will get jealous or if I don't really trust them, I will avoid specifics.

My SIL is this way and I won't discuss specifics with her.

I know that when she visits our new house for the first time that she is going to be extremely jealous.

04/06/16 10:36 pm

I'm fairly open with both, but I suppose I'm more likely to be vague with specifics about health.

Donaldo lets go brenden
04/06/16 10:23 pm

When it comes to money, people think selfishly. I have saved a lot of money compared to my friends and they'll still mention to me about how much money I have, and sometimes they'll act differently because of it ( I only tell my friends tho so my friends are usually pretty cool about it).Not a very good explanation here lol but from my personal experience, it can change how people see you and this is why I said talking about finances makes me more uncomfortable

Wino I need a drink
04/06/16 9:46 pm

I'm far more open about my health, I'm incredibly uncomfortable with people knowing how much we have saved/invested. That being said, people tend to talk freely with me about their finances (which also makes me uncomfortable) because my husband is in finance.

04/06/16 9:54 pm

Just had this discussion. I think I'm the outsider with voting for health. I don't see why ppl get weird about talking about how much they make or earn. I think it's because ppl automatically judge, whether they wanna admit it or not. Imo

Wino I need a drink
04/07/16 6:29 am

People absolutely judge. I admit that I judge for people who take on too much or "bad" debt. I also know I've been judged and treated differently based on how much people think I have.