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anniepoops fear the deer
04/06/16 7:00 pm

I really enjoyed vertigo.

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/06/16 6:28 pm

I like all his old movies but out if those two I like rear window!

04/06/16 6:34 pm

Rear Window is such a remarkable movie, all shot from the apt and looking into the courtyard. I could go on...
Hitchcock was a true groundbreaking artist!!

alynn Somewhere wonderful
04/06/16 9:06 pm

A few years ago I got to see Rear Window at the AFI Silver Theater (Bethesda, MD?) and it was such a different experience. On a screen that large you could see so much more detail in the neighboring apartments than you ever can when watching it on TV, and it added so much more to the film. Also, we thought the theater would be packed...we were 2 of about 10 people. Shocking, the lack of appreciation for Hitchcock.

04/06/16 9:17 pm

I am jealous, I have never seen it on the big screen. I'm sure it was awesome!

alynn Somewhere wonderful
04/06/16 9:44 pm

So, so awesome. Seeing Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly that size wasn't exactly hard on the eyes either. 😉