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NinerNation April 6th, 2016 11:52pm

If a person is financially struggling, is it their own fault or the fault of our economy/society?

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NinerNation Conservatarian
04/07/16 8:39 am

Ok, a person goes to high school but no college, gets out of high school and the only job they can get is a low paying job at McDonald's or something like that. This is usually the case. Their fault or not?

Rosebud Ohio
04/07/16 9:12 am

They won't inherently be struggling then, it still depends. Could be living alone or with roommates or family, in a low or high cost area, growing food or somewhere unable to garden and with high food costs. Is it a McD that pays minimum, and what's it set where they live anyways? How much do they work? Are they even allowed to work full or over time? What if they're caring for a disabled parent?

It's not a simple yes no scenario.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/07/16 5:01 am

Could be either one. Dumb question. Need more info

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/06/16 8:49 pm

Not enough information. There are too many variables. However I do believe everyone has a personal responsibility to support themselves.

Jimmo Texas
04/06/16 5:53 pm

This is too broad of a question to answer yes or no. I believe it is the responsibility of the individual to make a change to improve their situation. It is not the responsibility of society to help the individual.

04/06/16 5:00 pm

Depends on the person