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cpaswr April 6th, 2016 7:16pm

Where there's a will, there are 500 relatives.

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04/07/16 4:23 am

In our case, 10 is plenty!!

My grandmother left her house to be sold, with the profits split between her 6 children. One son had died before she did though, so his portion gets split between his 5 kids.

Sounds all well and good until one son lives in the house rent free for a couple years, causing friction with everyone else because they can't sell it with him in there. It's sad how greed can tear a family apart.

04/06/16 9:20 pm

Best joke I've seen on SOH ever.....

merry13 Saved by Grace
04/06/16 8:10 pm

And an inherit inheritance tax. Lol

04/06/16 3:28 pm

LOL. I sure hope not.

rons Thanks America
04/06/16 2:49 pm

Die with nothing.keeps the family intact.

susanr Colorado
04/06/16 12:45 pm

Fortunately there weren't any other relatives than those named in the will who came forth, during probate of the 2 wills I've been involved in - my dad's and my aunt's.