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Truconservative April 6th, 2016 6:15am

Question for women: Do you consider yourself Pro-life or Pro-choice?

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pauldabb85 Orlando
04/11/16 12:15 pm

Any facts in this poll?

04/06/16 6:53 am

Absolutely pro-choice

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/06/16 12:03 am

I think to address a particular group, you have to start the post with that group, example: "Women: are you..."
That said, I'm a triple pro lifer: no abortion, no death penalty, no assisted "suicide". Doctors should really heed the Hippocratic oath.

Seneca imbeciles for trump
04/05/16 11:34 pm

Pro choice. I feel that the pro life movement turns women into whores. They keep inserting God and Jesus into the womb and we all know threesomes are the work of the devil.