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fuhgahwz April 6th, 2016 4:16am

Just got accepted into Reed College, which was my first choice! Was the university you went/go to your first choice?

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OhTheIrony Learning from you
04/07/16 9:15 am

I wanted to go to UC Berkeley, ended up going to UC Davis. Both great schools.

clfs34 Florida
04/06/16 6:55 pm

Congrats :)! I went to VCU because for 2 years I had a full ride scholarship. I would have rather gone elsewhere but VCU isn't bad.

mark1950 Columbia, South Carolina
04/06/16 2:23 pm

I was a 49 yr old freshman paying cash. You can go almost anywhere with cash. 😎

commonsense America isnt racist
04/06/16 10:06 am

My wife went to Reed for a year. She has tales of spoiled rich kids complaining about their oppression in life as well as naked/stoned kids walking all over campus.

Have fun and congrats.

04/06/16 6:41 am

Congrats! And WashU was one of my top choices, I suppose I didn't have one specific dream school.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
04/06/16 6:03 am

Nice! I got accepted into my first choice (University of Rochester) and I'm probably going to commit soon.

DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
04/06/16 5:39 am

I did get accepted into my first choice (Michigan State University). I'm thinking about transferring to Reed, though!

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
04/06/16 6:37 am

Maybe I'll see ya there then!

liam2013 iowa
04/06/16 4:44 am

Yes. I went to Cornell.

ThisIsAthens Transhumanist Libertarian
04/06/16 4:22 am

I'm not to college yet but I want to go to Duke or an Ivy League school

susanr Colorado
04/05/16 9:46 pm


My first choice was a particular program at Northwestern University, and yes, that's where I went. I dropped out after 2 years, though, which I somewhat regret (but not entirely).

susanr Colorado
04/05/16 9:53 pm

Dropped out entirely. Lots of factors combined, but it was the 60s... Civil rights, the Vietnam war, other stuff. I took some classes over the years, but didn't go back seriously to finish until about '88. Graduated in '90, then went straight to grad school.

I had been in a 6-year med program at NU - 6 years, 2 degrees. Personally I don't think many people are mature enough for that - to be in med school at age 20, with only 2 years of college and little adult life experience behind them - and I certainly wasn't one of them.

susanr Colorado
04/05/16 9:59 pm

By the way, you're #1 on my top 10 "I agree with" list today. Actually, you were #1 Sunday too; #6 yesterday.

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
04/06/16 6:36 am

Very interesting life your having! Ah, well, you probably have great opinions then!