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MediaBlackout April 6th, 2016 4:08am

Welfare should only be limited to those who are looking for a job/hold a full time job. Though there is room for disabilities, injuries, etc.

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JHawk3205 MD
04/06/16 3:57 pm

If an employer pays starvation wages, the money to survive has to come from somewhere.

EPluribusUnum The Midwest
04/06/16 5:03 am

I would agree but part time jobs are sometimes all a person can get and they have to have multiple jobs.

04/06/16 3:57 pm

Oh well. Minimum skills equals minimum wage jobs

EPluribusUnum The Midwest
04/07/16 11:57 am

Just because you can't afford to spend $35,000 a year on education doesn't mean you aren't capable of doing highly skilled things as a person.

04/07/16 3:01 pm

You think that they pay and automatically get a degree? You realize they have to work for that degree right? I guess you have no idea what college is.

liam2013 iowa
04/06/16 4:45 am

I believe that the way it is now set up. Where have you been?

MediaBlackout Life, Liberty, Property.
04/05/16 9:13 pm

I believe it used to be around 8 months that you could be searching on a job while on welfare.