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jvc1133 61535
04/06/16 5:44 am

We are, congress to stupid to realize it.

iancurtis Oregon
04/06/16 4:35 pm

True, just getting consensus on it

Preox Earth
04/06/16 5:13 am

An actual declaration of war? You mean that thing that Congress can do but hasn't done since World War 2? No,they're a threat but not enough for a declaration of war.If we were in Israel or Turkey then yes,declare war.

04/06/16 4:52 am

Baiting us into complete war is exactly what they want

Seneca imbeciles for trump
04/06/16 12:19 am

We should declare war on them but instead of bombing them we should drop feces, blood, urine and dead animals on them.

goldz oh this world
04/05/16 8:04 pm

Btw - your profile had me laughing out loud, @iancurtis.

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/05/16 7:52 pm

We already are but no says that we are.

iancurtis Oregon
04/06/16 4:34 pm

Sad but true