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SupremeDolphin April 5th, 2016 11:14pm

Should intelligence be rewarded with greater wealth?

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think4yourself Not a safe space
04/06/16 10:00 am

Not a handout but an intelligent person should be able to figure out how to create more wealth for themselves.

bluefish empiricism and love
04/06/16 7:51 am

No. It already is intrinsically.

professorwho Madness and Genius
04/06/16 7:36 am

Think of it like this. In a group of adventures in D&D, one player has the highest intelligence modifier. She he be rewarded with more gold at the end of each dungeon simply because he's the smartest? No, that wouldn't make sense. Either everyone splits the loot up equally, or they divide it up based on how much work each character did. The latter probably doesn't lead to a healthy D&D group.

Preox Earth
04/06/16 5:20 am

Intelligence is one thing,using it to its potential is another.

Wackacrat Harford County
04/06/16 4:10 am

As in "you're intelligent, here is your reward." No. If you're asking if someone uses their to intelligence to make themselves wealthy, then of course.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
04/05/16 6:54 pm

Not inherently, but if you can use that intelligence to do something that someone else finds useful and valuable, then sure.

allswel Minnesota
04/05/16 6:07 pm

The useful application of that intelligence will be rewarded.

04/05/16 4:27 pm

If this intelligence is displayed in a way that is useful to the employer, yes, it should be compensated. People shouldn't be given higher salaries simply because they have a higher IQ score than the average employee, however.

04/05/16 4:22 pm

Intelligence is too subjective and in the case of the military too often wrong or incomplete.
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