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stammtheman Mamou
04/05/16 8:45 pm

Both are so talented

CudOfCow Oregon
04/05/16 4:25 pm

You've got some splainin' to do!!

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/05/16 4:06 pm

Wow I actually know one for once! I choose Lucy because, just like your other polls, I have no idea who the other person is.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
04/05/16 4:08 pm

You made me half proud of you! Carol Burnett is s big deal, and she's alive and well.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/05/16 4:13 pm

That name sounds vaguely familiar but I obviously can't recognize her. Nor can I name any of her significant roles.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/05/16 4:14 pm

WAIT - did she play the bitchy lady who managed the orphanage in Annie?

Carolynn new jersey
04/05/16 3:15 pm

It was an easy choice for me, I'm a big Lucy fan.

donkong Hanoverian
04/05/16 3:05 pm

Tough call, went with Lucy, cuz she did it first

LibArtie SW Connecticut
04/05/16 3:06 pm

Same here. I still labored over it. Two extraordinary talents!

susanr Colorado
04/05/16 1:57 pm

(I had to flip a coin to vote because there's no way I could decide. Or rather, I asked Alexa to flip a coin for me.)

LibArtie SW Connecticut
04/05/16 3:04 pm

It was just as painful for me Susan. My finger hovered for about a minute:)!