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PamGH April 5th, 2016 7:37pm

I love the idea of universal health care, but does this change my/your perception? NHS caring for 2 mill people could be forced to bar elderly from operations. Health care rationing has erupted.

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htcbump Florida
04/05/16 9:23 pm

Most people under national health care coverage have supplemental insurance or endless wait times. Our costs are too high, true, but there are ways they can be reduced.

04/05/16 4:28 pm

Predicted - accurately as it turns out - by one Ms. Sarah Palin.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
04/05/16 3:42 pm

Everyone laughed at Sarah Palin when she warned of "death panels"...

voc Hey
04/05/16 4:36 pm

We laughed at her for a lot of reasons.

04/05/16 2:50 pm

Universal or single payer anything is the kiss of death. Without competition there will always be rationing, high costs, and other abuses. Name one thing (other then the military) that the government does really well ???

04/05/16 2:18 pm

Private health insurance companies often deny procedures when they are judged unnecessary, despite doctors' recommendations. I don't see how this would be likely to be more of a problem with a government funded system.

PamGH SW Washington
04/05/16 12:38 pm

It appears speculative, but based in real concerns. It does make me at least think!🤔

jlong105 Indiana
04/05/16 1:23 pm

This is where the idea of "death panels" came from before Obamacare was massed into law.

Did you not think about it then? Or just throw it out as right wing fear mongering.

jlong105 Indiana
04/05/16 1:25 pm

And remember our system would be 300 million people.

Look how the government handles law enforcement, education, and the VA government health care system.

jlong105 Indiana
04/06/16 3:27 pm

300,000,000 compared to 2,000,000. I hate comparisons of the US with most countries because of the geographic size and population differences.