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Mattwall1 April 5th, 2016 4:02pm

According to a friend, "The issue for most pro-lifers with Trump's statement on arresting women who have abortions if they were criminalized isn't the substance, but the optics." Do you agree?

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KingMilo Earth
04/05/16 3:31 pm

He didn't say arrest them

fredd TrumpLand
04/05/16 10:54 am

Probably. I don't get the outrage on the part of the pro-life crowd. They already try to paint the mothers as murderers. Either back that belief and back trying them as such, or admit that it's nonsense.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/05/16 10:26 am

It does make you wonder if the nutjob zealots who incorrectly call women who have abortions "murderers" (no one ever accused nutjob zealots of using dictionaries) will stop doing so as a result of Trump's pointing out the obvious. Do we not punish murderers?

04/05/16 9:31 am

No, trump is missing the point of the pro-life movement because, like most things he says, he doesn't really understand it.
The pro-life movement has always been clear that there are two victims in every abortion. The mothers need help as much as their unborn children, and that's why pro-life groups always make resources available to help those moms who choose life to have a healthy pregnancy, give birth in a safe place, and help them with what they need to raise their child and improve their circumstances.
Trump clearly doesn't understand that.

The abortionist is the murderer and the person who belongs in jail.

political Georgia
04/05/16 12:12 pm

I think it's reasonable for the mother to face some sort of punishment for agreeing to have an abortion performed.

04/05/16 12:31 pm

Only if she refuses to testify against the abortionist.

skinner Jersey City
04/05/16 9:05 am

The optics is definitely bad, but it's also just bad policy. We need to attack the supply end of abortion instead of the demand. If we detain every woman who seeks an abortion, then we won't have their cooperation in arresting the abortion doctors.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/05/16 12:01 pm

SKIN - I asked a poll earlier today aligned with this sentiment. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Not being argumentative, I just completely cannot understand this position.

skinner Jersey City
04/05/16 1:16 pm

I think there's a notable difference between something as visible and cold-hearted as murder and something more innocuous and uninformed like an abortion. The former carries societal stigmas that the latter never can. I think there's a difference of intent that philosophically separates women seeking an abortion and any individual who kills another human being who he can see. Plus, the mother doesn't actually kill the child and the abortion doctor does. In many ways mothers who are robbed of their child by abortion are victims of the procedure as well, and we've seen horrible emotional and psychological effects on the mother from abortion. Even if you don't accept this distinction, pragmatism necessitates that the mother demand segment are kept in a separate category from the abortion doctor supply sector.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/05/16 1:35 pm

SKIN - my problem is that we do not take any of those elements into consideration when it is a person killing another no matter the reason. Hell, killing a person 100% out of love who is in extreme pain from illness will get you prison. If you pay someone to do so, the penalty will be equally bad or possibly worse. If a fetus is deemed a life with all the rights and protection of every other person in our country, I really honestly cannot wrap my head around a way to say you can kill this person and face a lesser (or no) criminal penalty than you will receive if you kill a different person. As far as the supply/demand argument....that I kinda think is silly, and a reverse on every other pursuit of "murder for hire" precedence we have. In every other case, the hirer is much more sought after and seen as the bigger criminal than the hired. It would surprise me if that were somehow flipped. I will say this...

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/05/16 1:40 pm

It seems the prolife movement has very effectively demonized the doctors who conduct the procedures, while somehow managing to make the mom's having the abortions seem people to be pitied. I don't understand that logic at all either. It seems to me that if one regards a fetus as a human life, then if that fetus is aborted, it follows one should see the MD as a hired killer who has been hired by a despicable person to murder her kid. Just my opinion, but one I'm beginning to feel strongly about.