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CaseyHolloway April 5th, 2016 5:45am

"One of the saddest things in the world, is to see a child grow up hating one of their parents because they only got one side of the story!"-Parental Alienation Awareness of America!

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getupbaby South City
04/08/16 11:43 am

I think we're slowly getting to the point where a good number of divorcees, if not, a majority, know that keeping their personal vendettas away from the child's ears and eyes is what's best for everybody, especially the kids. I hope we continue to see that.

Wino I need a drink
04/07/16 4:47 pm

I've learned from teaching that one parent should not speak ill of the other. It's been my experience that the truth will come out and when it does the child will harshly judge the parent who misleads. It's fine to protect your child from the other parent, but do not speak ill of that parent.

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
04/08/16 8:03 am

I agree. Unless the other parent has done something that is heinous, parents need to act like adults and put their differences aside for their children. I can understand if you two have differences that may be irreconcilable, but they are still a parent and going to have a part of the child's life, and poisoning the child to their parent is going to cause problems down the line.

04/05/16 7:26 pm

But the shitty parent will rarely take responsibility for their actions and blame the good parent.