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Phalos April 5th, 2016 3:23am

Do you think modern feminism represents equality?

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04/14/16 10:55 pm

Feminism used to stand for something great but now it's a whole bunch of hypocritical lying violent babies that rant about stupid things like how a man sits and then plays victim when they're proven wrong with factual evidence. For example... A feminist recently accused an anti-feminist debater of being responsible for online assault after he won a debate because people that support him were "being mean" and causing her "emotional trauma"

Teakeh A Happy Nihilist
04/04/16 8:43 pm

I think it's too complicated to necessarily state that, or state anything in black and white terms.

Here's my perspective. If you're for equal opportunity of all people, that's great. You could call yourself a satanist for all I care. It doesn't matter what you call yourself, but rather what you actually believe.

But when so many of one group start behaving in a certain way, it creates a bad image on them. I think feminism has done this to itself.

Teakeh A Happy Nihilist
04/04/16 8:45 pm

That's not to say that most feminists don't want equality. It's that the "vocal majority" of feminists are the crazy batshit type, and no one wants to be associated with that.

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
04/04/16 8:28 pm

Modern feminism represents a disorganized hodgepodge of differing and often contradictory ideologies.
It needs to split up and rebrand its constituent factions or it will continue to be taken less and less seriously.

04/04/16 8:24 pm

Yes, many modern feminists continue to push for gender equality.