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sailingaround April 5th, 2016 2:39am

A good friend of mine had an abortion yesterday. If you knew this was going to happen 3 days ago, do you feel like you would have had the right to tell her not to?

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crazyjane New Jersey
04/07/16 1:12 am

You have the right to give your opinion, but she makes the final decision and shouldn't be shamed for whatever she decides

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
04/05/16 7:06 am

If a close friend confided in me, I would offer an opinion. I imagine that's why they told me. What that advice is would require more details about her reasoning.

ronderman North Carolina
04/05/16 6:34 am

I wouldn't tell her not to, but I would give her my opinion. After the abortion, I would be there for her and support her in any way I could.

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 4:06 am

Not my body to make decisions on. It's not like she's doing a bad thing. If it was heroin, I'd be inclined to give an opinion, but only because it's genuinely destructive. Abortion on the other hand is more of a solution than a force of destruction

04/05/16 3:59 am

Of course you have that right. However, like abortions, just because you may do something doesn't mean you should.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
04/05/16 3:03 am


How is she doing?

cpaswr just say the letters
04/05/16 2:52 am

This is a hard enough decision to make as it is. I would offer support in any form including a ride.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/04/16 10:37 pm

Thats sad that a baby got killed

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/04/16 10:38 pm

And someone chose to let it die

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 4:07 am

Fetus = baby??

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 11:13 pm

Hmm... Can't say I've ever heard that speculation in scientific terms. I suppose casually and un-scientifically, a baby could be either newborn or a fetus, but you'd need to be more specific with your casual wording..

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 11:15 pm

I don't see it as sad at all. In fact, I think it's more sad that people would try to force their religious beliefs on others, and make both mother (and father, if in the picture), and the newborn suffer, rather than just allow termination of

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 11:17 pm

Fetus. An unwanted child tends to remain unwanted, and only puts more strain on parent(s) that didn't want to be parent(s). That's far worse than terminating a fetus, which isn't even an individual person, as it la kid bodily autonomy

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/05/16 11:20 pm

The only time it would be ok to abort is if the mothers life is in danger.

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 11:26 pm

What constitutes danger? Does a life of poverty for both mother and child constitute danger? I'd think it does. Especially if that means the mother has to engage in illegal activities to support the child. Same goes for the father, if in

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 11:27 pm

The picture. Same goes for the added danger to the child, or mother of the father must turn to illegal activities, and the mother must support the child on her own if the father is arrested/incarcerated.

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 11:28 pm

Point is, making abortions illegal doesn't stop them from happening. It just makes them more dangerous, and is itself a danger to the quality of life.

JHawk3205 MD
04/06/16 5:28 pm

I don't see how it's "not ok". Like I said before, I can see how it's not ok to force someone to bear a child they don't want, raise it reluctantly, struggle to support it, and have the child live with less opportunity to have a decent life.

JHawk3205 MD
04/06/16 5:29 pm

Killing something that isn't a person, in order to protect an individuals quality of life is more ok than contributing to overpopulation, poverty, increasing need for welfare taxes, unsafe illegal abortions, and lower education rates.

JHawk3205 MD
04/06/16 5:31 pm

It's actually better for whole groups of people to legally allow abortions. Not to mention its better to not push religious beliefs on other people, who are themselves individuals with bodily autonomy.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/06/16 10:28 pm

Sorry but life sucks. Thats no excuse to kill a baby.

JHawk3205 MD
04/07/16 4:40 am

Force a person to make life suck more? Or terminate a fetus? And AGAIN, quality of life for everyone involved, including the baby once it's born. You're basically for making more children living difficult miserable lives

JHawk3205 MD
04/07/16 4:42 am

Id rather prevent needless suffering than promote it. Terminating a fetus is not in the least bit a problem when it comes to securing quality of life. Enforcing the law on illegal abortions is an extremely sadistic endeavor.

JHawk3205 MD
04/08/16 2:53 pm

You are one sick puppy.. Youd rather multiple people suffer needlessly than to end one undeveloped unborn life..

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/08/16 5:38 pm

What a bunch of fucking bullshit! How ironic, you are telling me I'm sick yet you are the one who thinks it's OK to kill babies! You Are Sick.

JHawk3205 MD
04/09/16 11:02 am

No, it's not at all ironic. You are sadistic for wanting multiple people to suffer, while I say people should have the right to choose to terminate a fetus. Its just some tissues and undeveloped organs. You make it sound like I'm talking about

JHawk3205 MD
04/09/16 11:04 am

Killing a child. You want people to suffer needlessly. I want people to not suffer. How is that in any way ironic? You sound like you would charge a mother with involuntary manslaughter for having a miscarriage..

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/09/16 10:24 pm

That's bull crap. I don't want people to suffer, I just want to prevent babies from being killed. You are delusional

JHawk3205 MD
04/10/16 2:08 pm

If you force an unwanted fetus to be born, you are causing the parent(s) and the baby to suffer. Therefore, you want people to suffer. You'd rather a child grow up unwanted and likely neglected than be spared that misery.

JHawk3205 MD
04/10/16 2:11 pm

I don't know how it is you don't see that you're ideology hurts people tremendously. Making people (multiple, including the child) suffer for years and years, vs terminating the fetus. And by making abortions illegal, you don't

JHawk3205 MD
04/10/16 2:12 pm

Stop abortions, you only make them more dangerous. That speaks volumes to how much damage an unwanted child is. A mother would rather risk life and limb to end an unwanted pregnancy than to suffer having the

JHawk3205 MD
04/10/16 2:14 pm

Unwanted child. It's not bullcrap, it's reality. Your idea is more dangerous than you're willing to admit. And frankly, on a wider scale, it's more costly for the rest of us. Do you want to pay more taxes for poor children and

JHawk3205 MD
04/10/16 2:15 pm

Families that can't afford to pay for themselves.

JHawk3205 MD
04/11/16 5:14 am

Your sense of logic is quite flawed. Of course, knowing that explains why you take your stance.

JHawk3205 MD
04/11/16 3:41 pm

Oh, that simple, huh? I just don't understand? Ever stop to think maybe you don't understand the myriad of problems caused by lack of choice with unwanted pregnancies, vs the one insignificant downside to allowing freedom?

JHawk3205 MD
04/12/16 12:37 am

Yeah, you sure sound like it. Only earlier you said it'd be ok if the mothers life was in danger.. Double standard? Cognitive dissonance??

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/12/16 12:40 am

What are you talkibg about? I always believe abortion is only ok if mothers life is in danger

JHawk3205 MD
04/12/16 11:07 am

So you believe it's ok to kill a baby. Got it.

JHawk3205 MD
04/12/16 5:28 pm

I'm sick? What, because I used your own flawed logic against you? I'm not going to apologize for explaining to you that you're wrong, or hypocritical.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
04/12/16 8:33 pm

You are delusional I'm not being a hypocritical. You are the one with flawed logic

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:19 am

Delusional?! Do you have a problem with reading or memory. Go ahead, re-read your own comments. You absolutely contradicted yourself. And you say I have flawed logic.

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:21 am

Really, go and do some actual research and you'll find that limiting abortions is far worse than just letting people have their choice, that making abortions illegal doesn't stop them from happening: it just makes women desperate

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:22 am

Enough to risk injury, even death, to have an abortion, that Christians make up the largest number of women getting abortions. And the rest is just common sense. You say you'd be ok with it if it endangered the mothers life.

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:24 am

First, you hypocritically just advocated for killing babies, as you put it, and second, you're position in this regard is with quality of life. If illegal abortions pose a risk to the lives of desperate mothers who don't want to have a child,

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:25 am

What then? What if a mother doesn't have a father figure for the child, and can't support the child on her own? You want the mother and child to suffer needlessly because you think it should be illegal? Where's the advocacy for quality

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:27 am

Of life in that? And you can't really say, oh, there's plenty of parents that want to adopt, because the massive list of children in need of parents and homes suggests otherwise. And maybe the government helps pay for the cost of

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:28 am

Raising a child, but your illegal abortion law just raised everyone else's taxes, and just because the costs are somewhat alleviated doesn't mean the child will be well raised, fed, educated, have opportunities, etc, not to mention

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:30 am

The child is unwanted. Your ideology puts a big strain on the rest of us, when you could just terminate a fetus. It's not even a person. It literally can't be murder. Sure, call it machiavellian, to terminate a living thing

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 3:32 am

In order to spare the suffering of many, but it's not something you can make any better by making it illegal. It's more likely to make the problem worse.

JHawk3205 MD
04/13/16 6:03 pm

Clearly don't understand what, exactly? Your hypocrisy, or the dangerous and twisted nature of your logically flawed rhetoric??

DeusOrbus Stay Positive
04/04/16 10:30 pm

I'd give her one of my many coupons for it.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/04/16 9:53 pm

"Good friend". I support her in a difficult time, I most certainly do not make it even more difficult for her or second guess a decision that was hers alone to make. Or even offer advice of any kind unless she asks for it.

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
04/04/16 8:22 pm

The right? Sure. You have the right to tell anyone anything you want. And she has the right to tell you to mind your own business.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/04/16 8:21 pm

The right? If this happened in the United States then yes you had the right.

Should you have? No

KatG Liberal in Ohio
04/04/16 8:10 pm

Nope. I'd offer her my support.

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/04/16 7:58 pm

It's not my place... That's her decision!

04/04/16 7:51 pm

No, it's not my decision.