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Show Of Hands October 7th, 2011 12:00am

Is the Solyndra loan guarantee and subsequent bankruptcy just a bunch of noise about nothing, or a major corruption scandal?

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10/13/11 3:41 pm

Hazhap- when they're warned not to do it. And the company is shown to be unstable. And a lot of people high up in the company are providing campaign contributions, yes it can be.

NotAsheep Nevada
10/13/11 1:49 pm

1company out of 1000 who got a government loan, and went bankrupt, and that's a scandal?

10/13/11 6:26 am

Look the way I herd it there were like 40 companies that got the package one going out every once and a while is normal

10/12/11 12:44 am

A loan guarantee is some form of a stimulus.

veritas1 Panda
10/11/11 10:59 pm

@rosebud. I wasn't aware that they received stimulus money. I was only aware of the loan guarantee.

But facts would be more than welcome…

10/11/11 12:30 am

Veritas. Are you denying that Obama visited Solyndra? Or that they received gov $$????

veritas1 Panda
10/10/11 8:23 pm

@rosebud You never gave evidence for #3. You said you did but nowhere in that "news" article did it ver say that. And if the daily caller is the first result, I doubt there are any credible sources.

Feel free to find one.

10/10/11 11:56 am

Veritas, no dispute on issue 3?
And 2, I am not familiar with the source. Google it. There's plenty of others. Same with 1. Look at Bush's term, when they reviewed solyndra. The company was worse off when Obama took office too.

RJ1969 SoCal
10/09/11 11:06 pm

like I've said. non issue! chumps!

10/09/11 10:03 pm

No business experience equals bad choices. He needs to return to Community Organizing and playing Bridge with George Soros not to mention that class Chicago style political Machine he came from. Can't wait until November 2012

10/09/11 10:00 pm

not a scandal but clearly shows a president that doesn't listen to his top advisors. Has a green agenda that comes before being realistic. He proves his ideology is more important that having a sound fiscal policy.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
10/09/11 7:16 pm

Major scandal but the drive by media will not cover it properly because they are in bed with Oblahblah.

10/09/11 4:20 pm

Hey, you know which American is on the president's secret kill list? No me either, it's secret. So is how many have already been killed.

veritas1 Panda
10/09/11 3:22 pm

…this george kaiser that donated to the Obama campaign did not actually work for Solyndra at all. He merely investor in Solyndra. Try again.

veritas1 Panda
10/09/11 3:21 pm

@rosebud. #2. The Daily Caller?! Really? Couldn't find a reputable news source so you had to go with a right wing opinion site whose homepage calls the wall street protesters "freaks."

Anyway. The claims that a "Solyndra official" donated to his campaign, a man named "George Kaiser." Well…

veritas1 Panda
10/09/11 3:14 pm

@rosebud. #1. No. That article shows that his advisors were warned not to visit the plant AFTER THW FACT. The loan had already been given, and his visit was questioner due to a decrease in financial stability. Try again.

10/09/11 1:10 pm

rosebud, very well done!!

Veritas (which ironically means "truth"), as John Adams famously said, "Facts are stubborn things." I guess the truth only matters when it supports your agenda though, huh?

10/09/11 12:46 pm

Here's his visit on video!
And here's an extra little nugget- they cut corners on the loan. And this was published BEFORE they went under.

10/09/11 12:35 pm

For #2 and second half of #3:
Note that Kaiser gave 50k. And the company members raised 87k. That includes the top investor, board members, and executives.

veritas1 Panda
10/09/11 10:26 am

@Archamedes. Give Evidence for 1, 2, 3.

I highly doubt #1 especially.

10/09/11 6:34 am

RJ- Here are 3... 1. He was advised not to give them money. 2. They were large contributors to his campaign. 3. He visited them and gave them stimulus money.

RJ1969 SoCal
10/09/11 12:54 am

What are the cold, hard, confirmed facts thus far? yes, I know. you are totally qualified to extrapolate beyond the real facts and form a conclusion. but humor me. what facts exist thus far?

RJ1969 SoCal
10/09/11 12:52 am

American value: innocent until proven guilty? not anymore! now, it's we report, you decide! forget facts. forget going through any type of formal investigation....except investigative journalism!

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
10/09/11 12:32 am

I did hear the Al-awlaki publicly renounced his citizenship so I'm not sure if that is good enough. I remember hearing that you need to renounce your citizenship in person here in America at an official office.

RJ1969 SoCal
10/09/11 12:04 am

oh geeez, this is still going on. the scandal. what's the latest on the scandals....congress got copies of emails. yup! scandal! rock solid case.

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 11:20 pm

@jopat. The grounds for the kill were completely justified. The problem is, he was born in New Mexico, making him an American citizen. The problem is, it is not right to forgo the bill of rights because some council writes a memorandum for one specific case. Obama should not have agreed.

spadam Louisiana
10/08/11 11:11 pm

Government under any political party is not efficient or responsible. Who wants to give them more power?

10/08/11 11:07 pm

I just read an article in the WSJ that said there is a committee composed f CIA, military, DOJ and gov lawyers. they make the decision and the president can veto. Actually very clever, most of us think it was a good kill.

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 10:54 pm

…lives to capture him), it is inexcusable to work around such a founding basis of our country. It is the first black and white line he has crosse in my opinion. It should never happen again.

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 10:52 pm

@rosebud. I am well aware of the Al-Awlaki killing. I think it would interest you to know I changed my Obama approval vote to "no" because of it…the bill of rights isn't something that can be worked around through a memorandum. Although I see the grounds for the killing (it would harm American…

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 10:48 pm

@rosebud. The evidence has been released, including all the emails and such. They point to one senior energy official. But of you have any facts to offer…

10/08/11 10:33 pm

veritas; really killing the right wing hate mongers thing! Blindly believe, another over used phrase. I think it's admirable that your willing to go down with the sinking ship! Now that's a phrase you don't see all the time.....

10/08/11 9:38 pm

However, the pushing for facts, proof, and fairness.... What about the American killed overseas without a trial? Yes, he's a terrorist. But that's not how the US works...
It's innocent until proven guilty. Not shoot now, ask questions later. Regardless of how much info you have.

10/08/11 9:36 pm

Veritas- if he visited solyndra, that means he knew about it..... And he did approve it, no? It was already shown to be a bad investment.
Also, in case you aren't familiar with how the legal system works. If the evidence hasn't been released, then there's no evidence to prove either side. Period.

10/08/11 8:13 pm

veritas- the same happened with bush. people "blindly" believe what they want

10/08/11 8:00 pm

Veritas- of course democrats don't drink kool-ade. You can't buy it with food stamps.

10/08/11 7:46 pm

pssst veritas, take a look at poll results and admit whats laughable

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 7:16 pm

@rads And where is your proof that HE was the one pushing it. I read an NYT article, the only one I have seen addressing it, that's showed one energy official showed interest in the company and he was responsible for the fast-tracking and pushing of the loan.

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 7:13 pm

…is "good reason to believe" it. How there hell is there reason in something that isn't backed by facts. You sound like Herman Cain.

Unbelievable. And you say the DEMOCRATS are the ones drinking the cool-aid. Ha! Thats actually laughable.

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 7:11 pm

@Archamedes. Yes, he has many scandals, all of which were created by the right's hate-mongering agenda. But none have been proven true. But people like you still blindly believe them. You believe in the scandal even though you admit there is "no proof." But somehow you still say there…

10/08/11 5:15 pm

Democrats aren't partial to Obama are they?

10/08/11 4:45 pm

oops, wrong scandal... lol... Obama has so many of them...

10/08/11 4:32 pm

This makes them inept to make a sane educated decision because they think the tax payers will bear the cost. Funny how they changed the wording in the contract to insure that fact!

10/08/11 4:30 pm

people that have never worked in the private sector and see the answer to all problems as the government are the problem. 95% of this administration have never worked in the private sector.

10/08/11 3:09 pm

Also, Obama is the Chief Executive, which means that he ultimately bears all responsibility for anything that happens in his administration. Even if the scandal was kept from him by his appointees, he is still responsible for the actions of the ppl he appointed.

10/08/11 1:38 pm

poor democrats will never be able to face reality

10/08/11 9:58 am

Scandal, but not on the WH's head. Solyndra lied about their situation when asking for the money, they probably committed fraud. That's why the DOJ started investigating them weeks and weeks ago.

10/08/11 9:40 am

Obama chose the same financial advisors that brought us the economic collapse. I don't see how he can avoid responsibility.