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VeganCrusader April 4th, 2016 10:18pm

Do you believe a woman should be able to terminate her pregnancy (i.e. get an abortion) if the pregnancy threatens her life?

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Masissar Somewhere
04/08/16 11:31 pm

Only in absolutely needed emergencies

crazyjane New Jersey
04/07/16 1:15 am

Yes, or if it threatens the life of the fetus

04/04/16 3:47 pm

Absolutely. Particularly when the fetus isn't viable, it's despicable to force a woman to give birth when it puts her life in danger.

04/04/16 3:38 pm

I've seen some insane radicals say that it is technically abortion to terminate an ectopic pregnancy...a pregnancy that not only will most likely kill the mother but is IMPOSSIBLE for the baby to survive to term.

04/04/16 3:41 pm

By "technically abortion" I meant that they consider it a sin or murder

04/04/16 3:55 pm

It is truly scary and incredibly contradictory, in that they clearly do not care about the life of an existing person! I've heard some people say that even if a 9 year old is RAPED and gets pregnant in which she would likely die or suffer life long consequences of giving birth that it is still wrong to abort because SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. A 9 year old?! I seriously fail to see the logic anywhere, I'm looking so hard

04/04/16 4:33 pm

As a Christian I can tell you that they find that somewhere other than Scripture. I cannot tell you where.

ItsYaBoyBob StraightLiberalAtheist
04/04/16 3:32 pm

Why would anyone vote no to this?

Laserbeam Back soon
04/04/16 3:20 pm

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