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Wino April 4th, 2016 9:39pm

It was requested that I share the entire quote of a user. It is long, so it's inside. Do you agree with that definition of racism?

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Ellock Perpetually Tired
04/04/16 3:52 pm

It kind of depends on the circle. In a more education or proper setting, yes I would agree with most of that. However in a colloquial setting 'racism' is any mistreatment of someone based on their race and being overly pedantic on it won't help anything. So when someone says "that's racist" when really it's prejudice, 99% of people would say that's the same thing so arguing that point won't really go anywhere.

I agree in a professional or educational sense. But in most situations I would just use "racism" as an umbrella term for all of it

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
04/04/16 6:21 pm

I think that you should refrain from using the word "racism" for situations which are not examples of it. Doing so dilutes the term's meaning and causes the sort of confusion and resentment we see fairly often around here.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
04/04/16 6:22 pm

Prejudice works quite well and isn't likely to misdirect.

Ellock Perpetually Tired
04/04/16 6:48 pm

That's true. But would people take you the same way. When confronting someone saying 'that's prejudice' doesn't have the same strength. Although that is your point. So you're right I guess. Good point

allswel Minnesota
04/04/16 3:35 pm

The first two paragraphs are accurate, well said.

The third paragraph describes "institutional racism."

In my opinion, racism is the belief that one one race is superior, or inferior to another. Actions or words that result from that belief are racist.

04/04/16 3:01 pm

Seems relatively accurate and nuanced.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/04/16 2:54 pm

Disagree wholeheartedly. Any person who has feelings of hatred for, or superiority over, another person, based on the race of that person, is a racist.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/04/16 3:03 pm

The "power" portion of the definition is a lie. It used to be truth that the law was discriminatory, but this isn't true anymore. Blacks and whites are equal under the law. A black man who feels discriminated against has many options. He can file a complaint with the government, file a lawsuit, and also shame the company to no end on social media. A worker that's truly discriminated against has a lot of power in this day and age. It's never been easier in the history of this country for a worker to put the screws to a bad business owner.

Wino I need a drink
04/04/16 2:40 pm

"Prejudice is when a person negatively pre-judges another person or group without getting to know the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings behind their words and actions. A person of any racial group can be prejudiced towards a person of any other racial group. There is no power dynamic involved.

Bigotry is stronger than prejudice, a more severe mindset and often accompanied by discriminatory behavior. It’s arrogant and mean-spirited, but requires neither systems nor power to engage in.

Racism is the system that allows the racial group that’s already in power to retain power. Since arriving on U.S. soil white people have used their power to create preferential access to survival resources (housing, education, jobs, food, health, legal protection, etc.) for white people while simultaneously impeding people of color’s access to..." It cuts off there for me, but feel free to continue it.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
04/04/16 2:50 pm

Prejudice is where people have observed the behaviors of an ethnic or cultural group and apply those beliefs on the whole group or majority.

Bigotry is just stubbornness in acceptance of others ideals and being partisan in every issue whether or not you're right or wrong.

Racism is where one feel their race is more Superior than another race and holds a negative opinions of other races simply because of their behavioral patterns, and genetic traits.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/04/16 2:56 pm

The definition is demonstrably false. Let me demonstrate.

Scenario: a black business owner hires workers. One of them, a white person, hates blacks and thinks they're dumb monkeys. The whites person has no power and is actually submissive (if He wants to keep his job) to the black owner. Still, the white worker is a racist.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/04/16 2:59 pm

Scenario 2.

A white business owner is a very fair and generous businessman. One of his workers, a black man, is happy to be able to support his family, but he was raised to be very suspicious of white people and to never trust them. Because of this he feels justified in cheating the clock, giving lackluster performance when he can get away with it, and talking Bad about the "cracker" whenever he's in tight company. Since his strong disdain of the business is based entirely on his race, the black worker is a racist.