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think4yourself April 4th, 2016 3:55pm

There has a been a large outcry for Princeton University to stop honoring Woodrow Wilson and take his name off their school because of his extreme racist beliefs but Princeton has declined. Should Princeton stop honoring Woodrow Wilson?

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04/05/16 7:13 am

I can't wait to see what happens in 50 years when the current gaggle of SJWs are old and decrepit, and the next generation of SJWs constantly hound them with accusations of every imaginable bigotry.
"burn down 0bama's presidential library" They will scream, "The pedophileophobe did nothing as Sandusky languished in jail!"
The current SJWs will be very eager to defend themselves, and I will be there to remind them that they may not. Just as they judged their predecessors by their values, the must now face the music and be judged by the new 2070 SJW values.

jrpacman Pensum iocus est
04/05/16 3:20 am

FDR was racist. I mean, except Lincoln and maybe LBJ, like everyone was racist back then...

Think Lovin Life
04/04/16 9:59 pm

Thankfully, even a majority of Democrats see the foolishness of the idea!

think4yourself Not a safe space
04/04/16 11:50 pm

They love Woodrow Wilson so I am not suprised.

htcbump Florida
04/04/16 9:37 pm

I focused on just was written but man he Was an awful president. The Fed, the Income Tax, entering a war we had no business entering just to names a few.

Diogenes Not Biden It
04/04/16 5:49 pm

The dishonest attempts at whitewashing history will never make it disappear.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
04/04/16 3:45 pm

Yes, but because of his Progressivism, not just his racism. He was a terrible man, and a terrible president.

dfish at home
04/04/16 3:39 pm

As much as I hate Wilson for his policy and presidency, this is a bad reason to remove him and I'm glad they're taking a stand

donkong Hanoverian
04/04/16 2:18 pm

And Jefferson owned slaves, it was forever ago, let it go. You can't apply today's ideas to 80-100 years ago.

Volt Florida
04/04/16 1:41 pm

I despise Woodrow Wilson but that is a ludicrous notion and reason.

04/04/16 12:45 pm

An evil evil man

garrry Anchorite
04/04/16 12:44 pm

Ok nobody tell them this but there is also a huge bridge that goes right into the nation's capital with his name and face on it. There are plenty of politically incorrect monuments all over DC but it's part of our history.

Carolynn new jersey
04/04/16 11:52 am

Unfortunately, our country was founded by racists and bigots. Should we stop honoring them too?

04/04/16 12:47 pm

What an outrageous statement

04/04/16 1:05 pm

Based on how the world was at their time, they were enlightened, and we are the proof of that

Carolynn new jersey
04/04/16 1:27 pm

They weren't enlightened about racism and slavery.

04/04/16 1:30 pm

Read some history, read the constitution. I assert that they were in fact quite enlightened

Carolynn new jersey
04/04/16 1:33 pm

I didn't say they weren't enlightened. I've read the constitution several times.

04/04/16 1:33 pm

Your generation seems to have been taught something different than mine. I guess if something only fixes 90% of a "problem", we should destroy it and revert to the old ways (communism or such). I call that a defeatist attitude

04/04/16 1:34 pm

I bet you misunderstand the 3/5 rule as well. Because you see racism everywhere.

Lesson: all humans are the same race darlin'

04/04/16 1:35 pm

Actually, you did say "they weren't enlightened". Lol

Carolynn new jersey
04/04/16 1:36 pm

Destroy what? I don't think you understood my first statement. I'm not against honoring the founders. My point was if we have to stop honoring every figure who was racist, we'd have to stop honoring the founders of our country. That would be ridiculous.

Carolynn new jersey
04/04/16 1:38 pm

I said they weren't enlightened about racism, I did not say they weren't enlightened. Meaning: they were enlightened about lots of things, but not about racism

04/04/16 1:41 pm

Guess you missed the "lol". Wow

04/04/16 1:44 pm

But that is exactly your proposition; since they were racists should we stop honoring them. You are putting today's social norms on 17th century people. Washington was against slavery. he freed many of his slaves. But at that time they could not live and function in society freely. Your logic holds no water

Carolynn new jersey
04/04/16 1:46 pm

I was talking about how ridiculous it would be to stop honoring them.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/04/16 11:29 am

History cannot be changed by removing a name. Learn from it. Just like removing a confederate flag does not change history.

getupbaby South City
04/04/16 10:59 am

Take him off for being a terrible president.

think4yourself Not a safe space
04/04/16 11:28 am

He is considered one of the most liberal/progressive presidents in history. He even won a Nobel peace prize.

04/04/16 12:46 pm

All the terrible presidents have received Nobel peace prizes. They sure pick winners. Lol

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
04/04/16 3:51 pm

think, your entire argument proves that he was a bad president. Being "liberal/progressive" isn't a good thing. And neither is a Nobel Peace Prize if Carter and Obama can win them.

cowboy Proud Father
04/04/16 10:47 am

Wilson wanted to wipe out all of the progress Republicans made. No wonder Democrats love him.

Kneske College Station, TX
04/04/16 10:16 am

He was also a huge socialist.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/04/16 9:44 am

Eventually democrats will demand that reagan's name be removed from places because he supported something they didn't like. There's no end to the political cleansing that will make them happy.

liam2013 iowa
04/04/16 9:02 am

If you go with that logic then we should stop honoring all the presidents that owned slaves.

think4yourself Not a safe space
04/04/16 9:28 am

Woodrow Wilson was "exceptional" because he was trying to turn back the clock on race equality progress. Many who owned slaves did it out of a perceived necessity but wanted our country to progress to make it unnecessary.