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CoffeeNow April 4th, 2016 3:11pm

Should zombies depicted in media always want flesh/brains? Or should there be a zombie that wants something else? If so, what?

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Xemanis Lawful Good
04/04/16 3:09 pm

Treasure. Undead pirate crews would be cool

breanne Denver, Co
04/04/16 10:51 am

Coffee and donuts ☕️🍩
Just because, maybe they want to be normal guys too...

UniversePlan Michigan
04/04/16 9:47 am

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CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/04/16 10:49 am

Whoa whoa whoa....let's not go that far

CudOfCow Oregon
04/04/16 9:30 am

Encephelophiliac zombies!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/04/16 8:41 am

I think zombies would be perfectly suited to bury their heads deep within the abdominal cavity, and consume their fill of intestines!😃
Then, for dessert, remove the eyeballs and suck out all the 'goody', 'til the last drop. I hear optic fluid is quite rich!

ClayTownR California
04/04/16 8:28 am

some pirate hold, aye

Liberty 4,032,064
04/04/16 8:18 am

"Free" college, and "free" healthcare!!!

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/04/16 8:21 am

Oh my god. They're among us