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Sk8BoredR April 4th, 2016 2:52pm

In regards to the Panama Papers, here's a video and article about how a two billion dollar trail of cash leads to money laundering by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Do you believe Putin is innocent or guilty or laundering money?

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04/04/16 6:32 pm

I haven't read all the papers, I'm not a financial expert, so I default to innocent until proven otherwise

Bostonfan39 Central Mass
04/04/16 5:38 pm

This really was no surprise that he was involved in something like this.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
04/04/16 8:46 am

He keeps stability in Russia, that's one of the only reasons he's still president.

suppressedID destiny is right now
04/04/16 8:28 am

Absolutely dirty.
And crazy.
We are screwed.

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
04/04/16 8:24 am

This is the guy who when one of his opposition dies, we go 'Yeah, he probably killed that guy' without second thoughts. I wouldn't put money laundering past him.