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cowboy April 4th, 2016 3:06am

The season finale of The Walking Dead mentioned the New World Order and killed someone so the "outsiders" would tow the line. Which group would you side with?

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ladyniner81 I hate people
04/06/16 8:01 am

I'd rather be with Negan. At least I know I'd survive. If I was with someone as terrible as Rick has gotten. Sorry. And I'd ask him if I can use a weapon like Lucille. That was awesome. If he doesn't mind, I'll call mine Frankie

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
04/04/16 10:38 am

I would be on Rick's side, but this whole season is really the downfall of Rick... He's a terrible leader... It was dumb for them to go and wipe out that one place when they had no idea how many were part of the group... Alexandria is screwed. They should just abandon it and head to a new area of the country while they still can.

04/04/16 11:14 am

Rick got too comfortable and too cocky.

ladyniner81 I hate people
04/06/16 7:55 am

I was screaming "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!"

1. When they were walking through that forest and that kid freaked and got bitten, the mother (I forget the name of characters)freezes and starts freaking out. Why don't they grab her and run? Instead she gets bitten, her son goes nuts, shoots Carl and gets bitten.
2. The Saviors have blocked their RV a few times, Maggie is in labor. What does Rick decide to do? Put her on a gurney and run towards town. They get ambushed. Gee I wonder why.
Yes, he is terrible.

04/06/16 7:58 am

I know!!!! I was thinking that they should have killed the first group of saviors and went about their business but the saviors had them figured out first. Rick is a disappointment. You don't get comfortable in the apocalypse!

cowboy Dawns Highway
04/06/16 8:03 am

All good points. Rick was just like "we'll just kill them". Oops.

04/04/16 5:15 am

Hard choice. You have to decide if it's worth living a life under this nutsack, Negan, or die a traumatic and painful death trying to stay loyal to your group.

cowboy Dawns Highway
04/04/16 9:37 am

It really is a hard choice. I want to know which one he beat to death with the bard wired baseball bat and if Maggie is going to lose the baby. So many cliff hangers!

cowboy Dawns Highway
04/04/16 9:38 am

*barbed wire.

04/04/16 10:15 am

My husband is apparently up
On all this and he thinks it's Glenn. I think Carl gets it.

alkie New York
04/04/16 1:56 pm

The comics had Glenn dying by Nagan but who knows

cowboy Dawns Highway
04/04/16 2:32 pm

I'm afraid to find out. 😱

jvc1133 61535
04/03/16 8:42 pm

I don't watch that program and won't use it as a prompt for serious comparison sorry