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Celadonne April 4th, 2016 3:00am

Is/was religion (choice of, or lack of, or practice of) a deal-breaker in your romantic relationships?

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fredd TrumpLand
04/03/16 10:28 pm

It's never been a factor. But I never dated someone where religion was a major part of their life. It's likely that I wouldn't.

04/03/16 10:08 pm

Political ideology, yes. Could never date anyone not a strong conservative.

phen nebraska
04/03/16 9:22 pm

There was not... it is becoming an issue as we go further though

04/03/16 9:08 pm

There is just no way I could date a religious person, it wouldn't work, they would eventually probably resent me for not "trying" to convert, if we had children we would severely disagree it would be a mess. Similar beliefs is a must.

Laserbeam Back soon
04/03/16 9:00 pm

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Torfin Never Behind
04/03/16 8:58 pm

It was not in my past..if I were to end up looking again it would be a lot more important.

04/03/16 8:40 pm

Yes, in long term relationships it can be a deal breaker. I couldn't be with a religious conservative. Our values simply wouldn't align.

AnarchoComrade Anarchist Federation
04/03/16 8:33 pm

I wouldn't see myself dating an evangelical Christian, fundamentalist Muslim, or any other religious extreme. Once your religion fogs your political and scientific views, I can't deal with you romantically.

Other than that, Idc what you believe. As long as it's not shoved down my throat or, like I said, fogs up everything else in your life.

camlop San Diego, CA
04/03/16 8:17 pm

I'm an atheist and I've never minded when my partner was religious and devout. They seem to mind a little bit, but I'd happily go to church with them if they want. Still atheist, though.

Chukar retired police officer
04/03/16 8:14 pm

Not really. I'm a Christian and my wife is Mormon.

caboose2050 Blood Gulch
04/03/16 8:12 pm

My lack of ended up being a deal breaker.

Rosebud Ohio
04/03/16 8:02 pm

Not in the least. We respected each other, he tried out my religion, we would talk about it now and then.