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PamGH April 3rd, 2016 10:41pm

To be an auctioneer, in 33 states you must have a license, pay an average of $650 in fees and attend 756 hours of education. This is more

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04/04/16 6:54 am

it is also an income source - albeit a small one - to the state charging it.

Maj Worth Economist
04/03/16 11:11 pm

I don't know what to make of this. I know my mom got her something-or-other chiropractic assistant license in Oregon because it was easier than getting it in Washington, and she's thinking about moving to Portland. But Washington's more difficult because more is expected of them in a clinical practice.

We have no clue what's what by just comparing numbers. But I clicked on the description of the auctioneer because I thought it was just the person who talks fast about a thing and bangs a gavel while saying SOLD! It's not. It's way more than that. In Tennessee, "Auctioneers appraise and estimate the value of items, such as paintings, antiques, jewelry, cameras, musical instruments, machinery and fixtures for loan, insurance or sale purposes and may sell merchandise at auction."

So an auctioneer is also an appraiser of a vast number of goods and needs to know about everything from art to machinery. Is that the same job description in other states?

Maj Worth Economist
04/03/16 11:14 pm

This was the description of an auctioneer I pulled off the County of Hawaii's website: "Any person who is licensed by the Director to sell goods, wares, merchandise or other personal or real property at auction".

That's a LOT different in my mind.

I do agree that education and training should be more accessible to people who can't afford it, but you can't tell what's excessive from the numbers alone. You have to actually understand the job description.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
04/03/16 5:31 pm

Your whole presumption of is an insult to all the people who work in these jobs.

PamGH SW Washington
04/03/16 8:24 pm

You can't seem to be able to have a trade/job unless you have bought and paid for the right to work. You know, I say we license fast food workers, eh? More and more and more jobs must be bought not learned. I'm older, I see the pattern. Where does it stop?

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
04/03/16 5:10 pm

Sounds like disenfranchisement

missmorganmarie ...
04/03/16 5:07 pm

I like this series

04/04/16 6:55 am

me too! Case of personal interest, dontchaknow!!