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ConservativeCA April 3rd, 2016 8:49pm

Is it better to marry someone to whom you are similar are different?

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Axl752 NY
04/03/16 2:33 pm

There are no rules, just whoever you click with. My wife and i are very different but we have a solid marriage.

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/03/16 2:26 pm

I think you can love someone who Ishtar like you or very different... So love matters most. The other factors are window dressing...

04/03/16 2:14 pm

Both. Values need to be the same for me though.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
04/03/16 2:10 pm

Neither. You can be as different as night and day as long as you are compatible. My husband and I disagreed on more things than we agreed. I think it was our differences that we found attractive in each other.

GlockMan1 Alabama
04/03/16 2:04 pm

Those little differences are like a tiny pebble in your shoe. It does not bother you at first but seems to grow larger and larger the longer it is there.

04/03/16 2:02 pm

Similar belief and views, different interests

skinner Jersey City
04/03/16 2:13 pm

This, couples should definitely have the same religion and politics, but if they are engaged in the same career that can lead to overexposure and disintegration of the relationship

04/03/16 2:00 pm

Both. Haha. You need someone who is similar to you in some ways, you agree on lifestyle, whether to have children, maybe have some shared hobbies and interests, but if you're too alike it would be problematic and maybe boring. There should be enough uniqueness between husband and wife to make life interesting and balance one another out. Too many differences on major life views might also make it hard.