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rosebud348 April 3rd, 2016 2:59pm

Has anyone ever used SOH to make purposefully mean or nasty comments about you? (Inspired by a comment I got)

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evoecon nearest binary system
04/03/16 12:16 pm

I have had users make very nasty comment to me. I don't believe I have had anyone stalk me with a desire to slam me.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
04/03/16 11:21 am

No, while I'm probably one of the more left wing people on this app i try not to be in peoples faces with my views so i don't p*ss off those who disagree with me as much.

SouthernLaw Old North State
04/03/16 9:51 am

I'm sure there have been a few but none that I can really remember.

liam2013 iowa
04/03/16 9:39 am

No.. I have received some immature and idiotic comments to my comment and poll questions.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/03/16 9:22 am

I have. I remember a couple years ago when you were very much under attack by somebody. You shared about your brain tumor and they were very nasty. I wanted to beat the crap out of them.

Rosebud Ohio
04/03/16 9:40 am

Different Rosebud that posted this! But I remember that. That was one of the most spiteful users I've seen, if I'm remembering the right person as the one who said it.

liam2013 iowa
04/03/16 9:43 am

Take a deep breath and say to yourself it doesn't matter. If you get overly angry or upset they win and you only hurt yourself. Forgiveness does wonders.

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/03/16 8:07 am

Yes... It's the internet.

rosebud348 Over the rainbow
04/03/16 8:23 am

I still don't understand why that means it's okay to be rude to people.

04/03/16 8:55 am

It doesn't, but rude people already have flawed and unreasonable logic

04/03/16 9:24 am

You're right Rosebud we shouldn't normalize poor behavior. But it's the lack of accountability by way of "anonymity." That the weak take advantage of to be hateful or act immature for a lot of reasons but mostly it's because they're weak. It's no different than kicking someone after they go down or shooting someone in the back or stealing candy from a baby... Weak and cowardly

FancyNapalm Psychosis Circle
04/03/16 10:43 am

Right! People who ridicule or troll others, with the only intent to try to cause hurt or anger or general upset, are basically talking about themselves & their own emotional/intellectual deficiencies. These types , who relentlessly bully others online are likely socially awkward recluses who use the anonymity of websites like SOH to make themselves feel like they're a very important, notable person when , in fact, they're the exact opposite. Trolls troll because they've been trolled in real life. It doesn't mean that what they say online is ok by any means. Try not to fall into their trap of constant bickering because that's all they want- to keep up a nasty, demeaning, calculated attack against someone who is willing to engage with them. They're ignored in real life but on line, they do everything they can to engage others for attention.

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/03/16 11:30 am

Rosebud, it's not okay... Sadly It's now a part of the typical online/internet experience to encounter rudeness. I can't tell you how many times I have had people on here use negative homophobic or racial terms against me. I don't take it to heart anymore. It is not right but it is the reality of the situation. We don't have to like it, but we must acknowledge that bullies can hide behind a SN on line and carry out their activities much easier than in real life.

To acknowledge the reality of it is the first step in combating it. I thought about quitting the app but now I simply choose to ignore many of the predators posing as houseplants. I have blocked several people on here mostly because of hate speech personally directed at me. Generally people who personally attack are people who are themselves insecure... That doesn't erase the hate they've thrown at you, but it makes it easier to understand the reasons behind it. Stay strong and remember, this is not reality.