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ndull April 3rd, 2016 1:42pm

I have been elected as a delegate to the Minnesota Republican Convention with the hopes of being elected to the RNC. Are you currently trying to be a state or national delegate for your party?

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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/03/16 1:16 pm

I'm registered unaffiliated. I voted Republican in the primary and currently expect to vote Democrat in the general. I don't stand with a party enough to be willing to do that.

evoecon nearest binary system
04/03/16 12:21 pm

I tried to engage more in a specific party with the hopes of becoming more influential. I was very disappointed with the level of compliance required to participate. Plus, you have to stand in line for your turn.

I did not have the resolve.

ndull Minnesota
04/03/16 10:51 am

I don't know how it works in Primary states since I'm in a caucus state. But on caucus day, you will be asked if you want to be a delegate to the senate district or county convention. Each precinct gets a certain number of delegates to that convention. If you get elected you go to the next one. And the same process happens!

liam2013 iowa
04/03/16 10:05 am

No.I was on the rules and platform committee for our county and district.

TrumpFan123 Fort Lauderdale
04/03/16 9:20 am

I'm a Florida delegate for Trump

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
04/03/16 8:08 am

That's super cool! I've wanted to do that for years, but my work schedule won't allow it. Make sure you vote Cruz!!!

ndull Minnesota
04/03/16 8:17 am

Don't worry (;

04/03/16 8:05 am

Congrats and I hope you get to go to national.

skinner Jersey City
04/03/16 7:58 am

Oh wow! That's so cool! How did this happen? What do you have to do?

ndull Minnesota
04/03/16 8:17 am

I just declared my intentions at my local senate district convention, and then we have an election

skinner Jersey City
04/07/16 7:58 am

That's amazing. So you're bound to vote for Rubio on the first ballot, right? What do you think you'll do on the second ballot?

04/03/16 7:16 am

Cruz 2016