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Have you ever received an "Amber Alert" emergency text message?

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iancurtis Oregon
04/08/16 10:03 pm

When kids don't know what those were...

04/07/16 1:36 am

How to shut those blasted alerts off if you don't have an iPhone ?
I belong to Virgin Mobile & have an Alcatel One Touch

It's bad enough that they're on TV & Landlines - But it's annoying that they now hit the Cell Phones at all hours & times

Bracetty NYC
04/04/16 3:31 am

I've been in public setting where everyone's phone starts going off at the same time

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/03/16 8:59 pm

Sadly, quit recently in NY. Let us remember the poor baby that was murdered by her father.

nkay666 San Diego
04/03/16 5:42 pm

They're annoying and loud but I keep on in case I might be able to help.

Diogenes Not Biden It
04/03/16 4:07 pm

Once and then I learned how to turn the annoying alerts off.

04/03/16 2:17 pm

Just did, people picked up a ten week old apparently thinking it was american girl, welcome to PA

jenkp223 Being a mommy
04/03/16 1:20 pm

I have, but I disabled them once I found out you could. Same with severe weather alerts.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/03/16 12:59 pm

Yes. They aren't very well targeted. The incident was reported almost on the other side of the county it was so far away. Not sure how likely I would have been to have seen the individual in question.

ladyniner81 I hate people
04/03/16 12:24 pm

I don't get them. Must be an iTHING

EarlyBird Portland
04/03/16 11:22 am

I turned Amber Alerts off.

DeathSheep Michigan
04/03/16 11:16 am

Ya. And it's always about a kid in a city 8 hours from me and I get woken up at 3am for it. Turned those notifications off after about the 4th time.

asdfghjkl24242 Los Angeles, CA
04/03/16 11:09 am

You may think they're annoying, but if your child was ever kidnapped you'd really want people to be aware of the vehicle your child is in

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/03/16 9:03 pm

I feel sad for anyone who thinks that Amber alerts are not important.

susanr Colorado
04/03/16 10:21 am

Not as a text message, but as a notification on my iPhone.

I understand they can be "annoying" but if they ever helped rescue a kidnapped child, I would think it well worth the relatively small annoyance of having your phone buzz at you for a few seconds.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
04/03/16 10:20 am

I received one last week at the grocery store, and it was the first time I'd ever gotten one in public. I could hear a chorus of other iPhones making the same ugly dissonant noise all around me.

bnnt Los Angeles
04/03/16 9:58 am

They are on the verge of annoying because an amber alert could be over 200 miles from my house and I still get them.

They should be kept to certain distances or else everybody will ignore them.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/03/16 9:15 am

No. When Apple first added the Government alerts "feature" I preemptively disabled Amber alerts before getting any. That it is still disabled is one of the things I always check after doing an iOS update. I don't live in a place where those alerts could possibly do anyone any good.

susanr Colorado
04/03/16 10:17 am

Settings > Notifications. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Notifications screen and you should see a "government alerts" section with 2 on/off switches. One is AMBER alerts; the other is Emergency Alerts.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
04/03/16 9:07 am

I have received them as system notifications, but not as text messages.

Laserbeam Back soon
04/03/16 7:57 am

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TreeHair Wisconsin
04/03/16 8:02 am

If you have an iPhone: Settings>Notifications>Scroll down all the way>turn off amber alerts

Laserbeam Back soon
04/03/16 8:04 am

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cato Santa Barbara, California
04/03/16 7:42 am

Yes. Absolute abuse of government power.

tdaddy Kentucky
04/03/16 7:15 am

Lots of them, but when I realized most were done by a disgruntled parent and the kid was never in real danger, I stopped getting the alerts. 95% of Amber Alerts are cancelled soon after the announcement.

MFDOOM natural selection
04/03/16 6:14 am

they're annoying and creep me out.

Wycliff Huntington Beach, CA
04/03/16 6:00 am

Yes, and they are among the most obnoxious, useless messages ever forced on my phone.

camlop San Diego, CA
04/03/16 6:05 am

You can turn them off. I know you can on iPhones, I don't know about other phones.

tdaddy Kentucky
04/03/16 8:08 am

Ahhh, yet another reason to hang onto my iPhone! They're also fantastic for blocking endless nuisance calls. With the White Pages "private numbers" mostly available for a small monthly fee you can find out who's been calling from no_name accounts and add them to your iPhone contacts, then block them. After a few months of doing this you'll be able to stay home and relax and not be bothered by unknown callers. It's even better than the phone company's block because the phone company only allows 30 blocks total.