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caboose2050 April 3rd, 2016 4:05am

In chess can you or your opponent have more than one queen?

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gow488 Seoul, KR
04/02/16 9:07 pm

Theoretically you could have 9 queens and so could your opponent since pawns get promoted to a piece of your choice when they get to the other side.

ClayTownR California
04/02/16 9:06 pm

If you get the pawn to the other side, you get a free knight or queen.

gow488 Seoul, KR
04/02/16 9:09 pm

You can actually promote to a rook, bishop, queen, or knight.

caboose2050 Blood Gulch
04/02/16 9:12 pm

When it's down to my last pawn and my opponents lost all his pieces I'll sometime take a rook instead of a queen, it eliminates the chance of a stalemate.

gow488 Seoul, KR
04/02/16 9:18 pm

Stalemate shouldn't be a problem. You just need to be a little careful.