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Aznerok April 3rd, 2016 1:34am

Assuming they are used responsibly, firearms in the civilian world are more

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CudOfCow Oregon
04/03/16 10:07 am

Calling them toys is misleading. I use my firearms at the range and not for self defense however I still don't consider them toys even if they are just for fun. The word "toy" seems to suggest that owners do not take them seriously which has absolutely not been my experience.

Aznerok Louisiana
04/05/16 2:37 am

I agree. I use mine for training, and I think of them as always being for self-defense (God forbid that I ever have to though). The question arose because of several liberal-minded people I've argued with that call them toys. I was simply curious as to what most people think of them as.

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 7:52 pm

What makes you think people will use them responsibly?

Aznerok Louisiana
04/02/16 7:52 pm

The majority of gun owners are responsible...

Aznerok Louisiana
04/02/16 7:53 pm

People do use them responsibly, that's why

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 7:54 pm

The majority. All it takes is one irresponsible person with a gun.

Aznerok Louisiana
04/02/16 7:57 pm

Obviously that happens; however, I'm not talking about single incidents, I'm talking about the majority of gun owners.

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 8:06 pm

Gun ownership is a case where the majority is irrelevant if the minority uses their guns irresponsibly.

But if that's your question, I guess the majority of gun owners use their guns responsibly.

Aznerok Louisiana
04/02/16 8:42 pm

My question was as to why you say gun owners using their guns responsibly is a big assumption, considering most do. And as I said, I'm going off the basis of your everyday gun owner and what their use of the gun is anyway (does it play the role of a toy or tool). To me, the statement came across as a way of saying most gun owners are not responsible, hence why I asked..

And I also disagree that the majority are irrelevant. Never should the majority be punished for the actions of the few.

goldz oh this world
04/02/16 9:01 pm

Well I think gun control is silly, but not because I think everyone uses it safely. Only because I don't think it will stop the ones who won't.