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usapolls April 2nd, 2016 11:20pm

Which candidate do you think is going to lower the national debt? (Comment)

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MrLucchese If curious, ask.
04/03/16 10:58 am

None of them. The candidates are really irrelevant; it's the same game, every time.

chinito Florida
04/03/16 5:55 am

Only Kasich

ConservativeCA No Jawline Joe
04/02/16 11:34 pm

How can anyone say Democrat after Obama just amassed more debt in his 7 years than every POTUS ever combined?

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
04/02/16 9:43 pm

The one that cuts off Israel

augustin Oklahoma
04/02/16 7:04 pm

Cruz is the only one that would even try.

04/02/16 7:23 pm

And would increase the debt given his current economic plan.

augustin Oklahoma
04/02/16 7:28 pm

I assume you say that because he proposes a flat tax? You are correct that the debt would explode if his tax plan is adopted while maintaining spending levels. He also proposes drastic spending cuts though, which many studies fail to recognize in their studies of his plan because he hasn't given detailed specifics on which departments he would cut from.

04/02/16 7:31 pm

Yes. The drastic cuts necessary to maintain or reduce the debt are extremely unlikely to occur with his plan. It's just highly improbable that it would work and I don't support a flat tax anyway.

augustin Oklahoma
04/02/16 7:36 pm

Political change in general is unlikely to occur. That doesn't me we throw up our hands and give up. Cruz is a fighter, no one can deny that. His plan is to get support from the People, who will in turn pressure their representatives to pass Cruz's plan. That's what Reagan did when he got his tax plan through a Democratic congress.

04/02/16 7:43 pm

Yes, but his plan will be devastating without massive change and that is something to consider. Can't just do something and hope it all works out on its own. A flat tax *sounds* good to a lot of people, but in reality is not a great system.

augustin Oklahoma
04/02/16 7:50 pm

I disagree about the flat tax. But this what the Cruz campaign is all about: having these discussions and debating the trajectory our country will take in the future. His goal is to provide the People with a clear vision and a stark contrast to the career politicians in both parties who have gotten us into the mess we are in.

augustin Oklahoma
04/02/16 7:52 pm

And you're right, even if Cruz is elected it will be extremely difficult. Cruz himself even acknowledges this. That's why he puts so much emphasis on his ground game and energizing the conservative base.

UniversePlan Michigan
04/02/16 6:52 pm

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lovesquirt Hawkeyes
04/02/16 9:42 pm

Then you pay it

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/02/16 5:33 pm

I think Kasich could but doubt anyone else would try

gow488 Seoul, KR
04/02/16 4:58 pm

Neither party seems concerned about lowering the debt.

evoecon nearest binary system
04/02/16 4:41 pm

Republican have consistently shown this behavior.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/02/16 4:32 pm

Neither. If you want the debt lowered, you'd have to elect a libertarian

usapolls Sunshine State
04/02/16 4:25 pm

Yesss!! Trump 2016

04/02/16 6:42 pm

Please trump is for big government he would raise the debt