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Do you drive a sports car as your primary vehicle?

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rangeman Lafayette IN.
04/14/16 9:16 am

Only in the summer.
2003 Mugen S2000

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 8:42 am

Just bought a Mini Cooper S LOVE IT (I know some of you wont consider it a sports car) but it is a coupe hatchback

Phojo Holtville, Ca
04/12/16 1:02 am

Yes, a 2008 Corvette Coupe, Velocity Yellow, with 25000 miles on it!

04/05/16 5:39 pm

Infiniti G37. Luxury sports car

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
04/03/16 1:17 pm

A Mercedes C250 Sport and a Volvo C70 -- the first one is the daily driver and the second is the weekend car :) they're both turbocharged but the Volvo has a hardtop convertible :)

Korosensei Maine
04/02/16 9:05 pm

Not unless you're using some funky definition of sports car since I drive a Camry

theexman Practical Atheist in L.A.
04/02/16 8:58 pm

Just sold my Corvette Convertible and bought an suv

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/02/16 7:56 pm

The most amazing thing that I drive is my purple bike with neon green highlights and some cool art stuff on the bike it is really cool!

04/02/16 7:29 pm

Yes my lambo

04/03/16 10:33 am

I want a ride 👍🏻

04/02/16 6:55 pm

A Miata doesn't could if you consider yourself to be male. Ask your wife for your nuts back and buy a real car.

04/02/16 7:02 pm

Count, not could.
Stupid autocorrect and fat fingers.

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
04/03/16 1:14 pm

The Miata is the most common car found on race tracks. What an idiotic comment.

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 8:40 am

I don't have one but they are very fun to drive, it's at least not as bad as a v6 mustang

F1Dan Parked in your spot
04/02/16 6:27 pm

I used to have a 1988 300zx with a full racing exhaust system from the heads out the back.

04/02/16 5:44 pm

Yes, a 2015 Toyota Prius!

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
04/02/16 4:44 pm

Used to, absolutely loved it. Eventually had to get something more practical.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/02/16 3:49 pm

Mustang GT convertible. 😍 I could not love a human child as much as I love my car.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
04/02/16 4:08 pm

I've got the same. What year & color?

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/02/16 6:32 pm

Light gray 2002. Garage kept in San Diego it's whole life 65k miles. I did a lot of aftermarket work on it.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
04/02/16 6:38 pm

Tuned headers, X pipe, wide cat back exhaust pipes, shorty shifter, stage 2 clutch, all new smoked lights, chrome rims, new black cloth top, cold air intake, 70mm throttle body, wider plenum, spacers between it all.

RB20 Indiana
04/04/16 8:33 am

Mustang is muscle tho imo

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 8:43 am

A muscle car is a type of sports car

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 8:53 am

Yeah it is a rwd front engine V8 sports car

RB20 Indiana
04/13/16 8:55 am

It's not a sports car lmfao. A Corvette would be a sports car, a mustang is muscle

RB20 Indiana
04/13/16 9:03 am

Sports cars are two seater cars with nimble handling. A mustang is neither

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 9:06 am

So a mustang isn't a sports car but a Miata, and a smart car are

RB20 Indiana
04/13/16 9:48 am

Not really because they must also excel at high speeds

F1Dan Parked in your spot
04/13/16 9:22 pm

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "muscle car" as "any of a group of American-made 2-door sports coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving." It defines "sports car" as "a low small usually 2-passenger automobile designed for quick response, easy maneuverability, and high-speed driving"

Mustangs race in the GT3 class, the most popular class of GT racing. While the road version certainly isn't the most nimble, it is still designed with speed around a track in mind. They are certainly sports cars and race in the:
24 Hour Series
ADAC GT Masters
Asian Le Mans Series
Australian GT Championship
Belgian GT Championship
Blancpain Endurance Series
Brazilian GT Championship
British GT Championship
European Le Mans Series
FFSA GT Championship
FIA GT Series (Formerly Blancpain Sprint Series)
GT Asia Series
International GT Open
Italian GT Championship...and more.

"Muscle" and "sports" are not exclusive terms, and the Ford Mustang most definitely is a sports car.

RB20 Indiana
04/14/16 5:36 am

Not even close. By the definitions you provided, mustangs easily fit into muscle, they do not fit into the definition of a sports car you provided

brendanm343 Massachusetts
04/02/16 3:40 pm

I thought everyone in California would say yes

04/02/16 3:17 pm

What is necessarily a "sports car"? My car is a "Sport Edition"

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 8:45 am

A 2-door 4 seater or 2 seater, usually with a high powered motor, there are sports sedans such as the Jaguar XF R or the Chevy SS

04/02/16 3:17 pm

What is necessarily a "sports car"? My car is a "Sport Edition"

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/02/16 3:12 pm

A two-door sporty(ish) car that can give many sports cars a run for their money in the twisties, but it isn't a sports car.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/02/16 6:34 pm

I don't think a two-door version of the Mazda 3 was ever built (or least imported). They've always been family trucksters. But neither of those, my daily driver is a MINI Cooper.

NK257 Rural Iowa
04/02/16 8:28 pm

A Mini Cooper would get roasted by a Prius

tbelltwin2 Georgia
04/13/16 8:46 am

What year what color is it an S model

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/13/16 10:40 am

2013 silver, base hardtop manual, not an S.

NK257 Rural Iowa
04/02/16 8:29 pm

You're in college, though. Insanely high mileage?

fredd TrumpLand
04/02/16 3:08 pm

It's a coupe but not a sports car.

04/02/16 2:42 pm

VW Golf TDI (a diesel), not a "sports car" per se, but it a hell of a lot of fun to drive. It's a like a zippy little go cart with a lot of torque.

fredd TrumpLand
04/02/16 3:08 pm

I've driven quite a lot of turbodiesels. Fords, GM, VW/Audi, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes. They usually have a nice slug of torque right where you want it. You can go quick while still being relatively economical.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 2:31 pm

"No", but an NSX might be handy to have around...(!)

Loxx I Love Foxes
04/02/16 2:26 pm

I ride a bike as my primary vehicle, and bicycling is a sport, does that count?

sfcren Wyoming
04/02/16 2:22 pm

Not yet, too many kids still in the house.